Ultimate Online Wrestling Season 2 Ch-6 - Part 2: Brawl at the Wall 2

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Rose Johnston: The following contest is for the Ultimate Wrestling Tag Team Chamng from South of the border and weixas Tornado rules! Making theirnd forty-three po now, the challengers! Hailing from south of the boarder and weighing a combined five hundred and forty three pounds! Evolution and Metamorphosis!

The cameras transitioned back to inside the arena as the team of Evolution and Metamorphosis walked out from behind the curtain and onto the stage to a chorus of boos from the southern Texan fans. Both fighters looked extremely focused and ready for a war with their Russian opponents as they made their way down the ramp and through the aisle way toward the wrestling ring.

Scott Slade: I hear you loud and clear Holly. President Mudcock has laid dowact good

If Evolution even touches one of the three of us here he can kiss his Ultimate Wrestling contract good bye.

Chris Rodgers: Hopefully that keeps this psychotic bastard from attacking us again like he did last week!

Kronin: Just wait till I’m out of this wheelchair and on my feet again… I’m going to destroy that sociopathic piece of shit! I’m going to give him what he deserves!

Scott Slade: We can’t wait Kronin! Chris and I will be rooting for you all the way buddy!

The bizarre duo made their way into the wrestling ring and began to prepare for the battle that would ensue. Their music was stopped and then the Russian national anthem began to play loudly over the arena speaker system. Seconds later Dasha and Boris made a dramatic entrance from behind the curtain and walked out onmilitary-style unn absolute onslaught of boos from the southern American fans. As always Dasha was dressed in her military style uniform and Boris in his red Olympic style wrestling gear.

Rose Johnston: And their opponents! They are the current Ultimate Wrestling Tag Team Champions of the World! Weighing in at a combined five hundred and thirty pounds and hailing from the great northern nation of mother Russia! DASAH IVANOVA AND BORIS DRAGO!!!the real red-blooded Amerthought these fans hated Evolution…

Chris Rodgers: This here’s Texas! This is where the real red blooded Americans live! There isn’t anything in this world they hate more so than Russians!

Scott Slade: It will be interesting to see who this crowd sides with once this match gets underway. Last week Dasha was able to win over the tremely effectivewith an incredible athletic performance in the ring.

Kronin: A bit of a show-boater, but extremely affective in taking down an opponent. She’s sure to be a force in this business for years to come.

Boris and Dasha entered the ring and the Referee Bob Sigro instantly called for the bell before backing away into the corner of the ring. The bell sounded signifying the start of the match as Evolution and his partner sprinted toward their Russian opponents immediately on the attack. Boris and Evolution instantaneously began slugging it out with punishing haymakers, while Metamorphosis clobbered Dasha with a powerful clothesline dropping her flat on her back onto the ring mat all! The first tealade:* Now remember folks. This is Texas Tornado rules! That means no tags and hardly any rules at all! First team to score a pin against any of their opponents is declared the winner and Tag Team Champions!

Kronin: Not a fan of these rules Scott. I think they fail to capture the spirit of tag team wrestling, but lly the count-out rule if I for an exciting fight for the fans.

Chris Rodgers: I think the only rule in effect really is count out if I’m not mistaken…

Kronin: That and your basic rules about foreign objects and shots to the groin.
mat in an awesome picked up Dasha andeanwhile, Evoluti into a gorilla press before dropping her flat on the wrestling mat in awesome show of strength. Meanwhile Evolution had wn suplex him ints with Boris and had hooked him with his right arm. He then lifted him into the air and fisherman suplexed him into the center of the ring. Evolution held the maneuver bridging his back, but the Russian kicked out right at the last second before Referee Bob Sigro could tap the mat for a third time witthe ring, Metamor. Evolution got up onto his feet and beve superkick, buoris in frustration. On the other side of the ring Metamorphosis cocked back and went for a massive super kick, but the agile Dasha moved out of the way just in time and then grabbed hold of him by his arm before slamming him into the mat with a fantastic Sambo hip toss.*

Scott Slade: Wow! So much action in the ring it’s almost hard to follow! These athletes are giving all they’ve got for the gold!

Kronin: Dasha seems to be holding her own against Metamorphosis at the moment. Evolution however is in full control of Boris and is unleashing beat down upon him. We’ve seen in the past what kind of damage Evolution can do to an individual. That said Boris more than held his own against him last week. Even out powering him at times during the match.

Scott Slade: That doesn’t seem to be the case tonight though Kornin…

Chris Rodgers: Looks like the Russians are having trouble with these Texan style rules! Hah! I love it!

Dasha attempted to lock in her variation of the Sharp Shooter called the “Iron Cueven-foot-tallfore she could turn Metamorphosis over and apply any sort of pressure Evolution tossed her massive seven foot tall partner into her breaking her hold on her opponent’s legs. Boris collided with Dasha withs as Evolution stoand both fighters fell to the mat. The blow ignited the hostile Texan crowd into a roar of cheers as Evoultion stood tall in the ring among everyone else who was still struggling to get back up onto their feet. The big man helped up his partner Metamorphosis up and then the two went on the atof them headfirst into tth kicked the Russians in the gut simultaneously as they were getting up and DTT’ed both of them head first into the mat before hooking their legs instantaneously for a double pin.

Kronin: Oh man! Double DDT! Double Pin!!! ONE!!!! TWO!!!! NO!!!!!!

Scott Slade: Double kick out by the Russians!

The fans let out an “Awww” as Metamorphosis and Evolution looked at each other shocked that the Russians were able to kick out at the last moment. Both men got to their feet and picked up their opponents only to both receivd drove him headfirst into the mn at the same time from their opponents. Ivanova grabbed hold of Metamorphosis and drove him head first into the mat with a downward spiral while Boris tossed Evolution up over the top rope and onto the floor outside of the re suplex while t began to boo aggressively as Russians began to double team Metamorphosis hitting a massive double suplexe while the power play was in effect. Boris then slid out the ring and began brawling with Evolution who was back on his feet while Dasha dove onto Metamorphosis for a cover. Referee Bob Sigro dropped to the mat for the count immediately as the fans continued to chant “Russia Sucks” angry with the way the match was unfolding.

Scott Slade: The Russians bouncing back here! Dasha with a cover on Metamorphosis! ONE! TWO! NO! Metamorphosis just got the shoulder up!

Kronin: Look at Evolution on the floor with Boris! He’s got him up and in position for a tombstone pile driver! This could end Drago’s career!

Evolution had gained control of the fight with Boris with some devastating haymakers and had scooped him up and locked him into the tombstone pile driver position. With no concern for his wellbeing or livelihood Evolution drove his skull and neck into the hard concrete floor. The fans erupted and began to chant “Holy Shit” as Boris’s body started to spasm on the floor. Evolution climbed back up ompt to powerbomb Metamorgh stepped over the top rthing she could tDasha by the throat as she was about to attempt to power bomb Metamorphosis. Dasha tried everything should could to break Evolutions grip around her thers: Chokeslam on Dashain as Evolution choke slammed the female Russian dead center in the ring.

Chris Rodgers: Choke slam on Dasha! That’s what I’m talking about! Just listen to these Texans roar with excitement!

**Son and an awesomelution with the cover! ONE! TWO!! THREE!!! It’s all over! Another incredible showing from Evolution and as awesome debut for Metamorphosis!

Bob Sigro raised both wrestlers’ hands in the air declaring them the winners of the match before handing them both the tag team championship belts. “Evolution” by Korn began to play over the sound system as Evolution and Metamorphosis hugged each other and celebrated their victory. They then climbed up the opposite turnbuckles of the ring and raised their newly acquired tag team belts high into the air for all the fans to see.

Rose Johnston: The winners of this match and NEW! Ultimate Wrestling Tag Team Champions of the World!!! EVOLUTION and METAMORPHOSIS!!!




Scott Slade: Wow what a match! Not as long as I would have thought, but it goes to show with big men like Evolution and Boris in the ring things can be ended abruptly without warning. Wow!

Chris Rodgers: Fans once again we’re hearing word that Holly Hudson is backstage with yet another fantastic interview. This time I’m being told she with Takuma Sato.


Once again the live feed cut backstage to Holly Hudson’s elaborate interview set where she was standing next to Takuma Sato. Sato was dressed in black linen karate pants, black boots, and was shirtless, but for his Rebels of Society crimson red vest and the submission championship belt draped over his shoulder.

Holly Hudson: I’m here now with Takuma Sato who recently defeated Valora Salinas for the Submission Specialist Championship. Taku, how does it feel to have finally beaten Valora one on one?

Sato: It honestly felt amazing Holly. I’ve trained for the better part of two years to gain an edge against her wildly unorthodox fighting style and it finally paid off. My only focus now is retaining this title belt tonight and then turning my focus to the Franchise championship.

Holly Hudson: I’m sure you feel like you more than deserve a shot at either Valora or Huckleers hereoring decisive victories against both of them in the past month.

Sato: I do and I think the powers at be here at Ultimaown! They're afraid urposely ignoring my achievements to keep me away from the top prize in this sport! To keep me down! Their afraid of me and my supporters!

Holly Hudson: Really, and why do you think that?

Sato: Let’s just say my political beliefs don’t align with the M.O.X network or Mr. Mudcock’s.

Holly Hudson: Interesting that you bring up politics… It’s no secret that you’re part of the group known as the Rebels of Society. President Ronald McStrump is calling you terrorists and threatening to have you all rounded up and arrested for defacing his property and for instigating massive violence at protest rallies. What do you have to say about all this?

Sato took a deep breath before snatching the microphone from Ms. Hudson. He then moved directly in front of the camera before getting his face inches from it. It was clear whatever was going to come out of his mouth was going to be aggressive and directed straight back at the President of the United States who he knew was watching.

Sato: One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter! The people of this country are being oppressed by McStrump and his wicked policies. Men and women starve on the streets while corporations like Hammer Industries get massive tax cuts! Immigrants are being hunted down map due to his inco being torn from their families and homes! Los Angeles and Seattle are gone forever wiped off the map due his incompetence! McStrump, you can squawk all the crap you want on social media, but it won’t make any of your lies anymore a reality. Your days as President are numbered! Soon the world will know about the vile and disgusting atrocities you’ve commented and the American people will impeach you for those crimes! The Rebels of Society know the truth and the truth will set us all free from you’re tyranny!

Sato spiked the microphone into the concrete floor sending a screeching unpleasant sound through everyone’s speakers watching at home. The microphone exploded into a million pieces as the marital artist stormed off toward the stead. It has been a rlly looked down at her shattered microphone with a displeased look on her face while shaking her head. It been a rough night for the reporter after having gone through the traumatic experience of interviewing Evolution.

Scott Slade: Fans it looks like Holly is going to need a new Microphone.





The live feed transitioned back to inside the arena with the cameras focused on the main stage as “Something to Believe in” by Off-Spring played over the speaker system. Sato walked out onto the stage with a stern look on his face and the submission specialist championship title belt around his waist. The champ looked tired and the dark circles around his eyes were extremely visible. He was clearly agitated as he made his way down the ramp and through the aisle while the southern fans booed him heavily chanting “Rebels Suck” at him.

Rose Johnston: The following match is for the Ultimate Wrestling Submission Championship! Making his way to the ring now from Detroit, Michigan! He is the reigning Submission Champion! The man with the iron fist! Takuma Satotic win against o has been on a roll as of late.

Scott Slade: You’re right Scott. He had a fantastic win one on one against the Franchise Champion Huckleberry three show my mind, this isast week he defeated Valora for the Submission Championship in a shocking victory.

Kronin: In my mind this is the top fighter in Ultimate Wrestling right now. He deserves the next shot at the Franchise Championship and it’s only a matter of time before he makes that a reality. I’ve been in the ring with him when he was much younger and still extremely raw as a competitor. I knew immediately he was destined for success after only a few minutes of us fightinthe bellman befoato entered the wrestlingightning-quick maf his Rebels of Society red vest and tossed it over to the bell man before warming up with some lightning quick martial arts kicks and punches. Sato’s music came to a stop and “Simon Says” by Drain STH began to play. A muscular man with long blonde hair and flashy 80’s style wrestling te his in-ring debonto the stage to a mixed reaction from the fans. He looked spry, in good shape, and eager to make his in ring debut in front of a large crowd.*

Rose Johnston: The challenger! Making his way to the ring now hailing from Green Bay, Wisconsin! Weighing in at 235 pounds and standing at a height of five feet, nine inches! MIKE! FULLINGTON!!!

Fullington slapped a few high fives with the southern fans in the aisle way and then slid into the ring right before tossing back his glistening blond hair and striking a pose fohappy go, lucky oal photographers in attendance. Sato sat back against the right corner turnbuckle unamused by his happy go lucky opponent. Referee Bob Sigro had a few words with each fighter and then signaled for the bell. As the bell sounded the start of the match, Takuma sprung out his corner like he’d been struck by a bolt of lightning. Sato moved around, dancing circles around his much slower opponent almost showing off his impressive speed and agility as a form of intimidation toward Fullington.

Kronin: Fullington is about 40 to 45 pounds heavier than Sato. That’s going to give him a power advantage, but he’s giving up a lot of speed and agility to one of the quickest fighters I’ve ever been in the ring with.

Scott Slade: Their reach and their height is about the same. This should make for an interesting match!

Chris Rodgers: Interesting match? This poor son of a bitch doesn’t stand a chance! Whoever booked this thing was just feeding Sato another victim! I’m not even a fan of Sato, but I know a lamb being fed to the slaughter.

Fse roundhouse kin to go on the attack and Sato quickly cut off his attack and nailed him in the face with a reverse round house kick that staggered the new wrestler. The fans continued to boo as Sato followed it up with an incredible Wushu butterfly kick that popped him straight in the jaw. The blow knocked Mike back into the ring ropes. As he bounced off of the ropes, Sato grabbed him by the arm and slammed to him to the ring mat hard with an Ipponseoi slam in the center of the ring. Sato then instantly locked Fullington into an arm triangle chokehold. The fans furious with Fullington’s abysmal performance began to throw things in the ring as the new wrestler struggled to try to fight out of the submission hold.

Scott Slade: My God! Sato opening this match with an absolute onslaught of mand it in as far fromn:* Itng ropes as possible!
Chro way is Fullington is getting out of that hold and Sato made sure he locked it in far from the ring ropes!

Chris Rogers: I told you! This poor slob didn’t stand a chance!

A few seconds later Fullington tapped out and Referee Bob Sigro signaled for the bell before forcing Taku to release the hold. The bell rang over and over as Sigro helped Sato off of the ring mat and then raised his hand high in the air declaring him the victor. The Texan fans cont dominant showingmartial artist as his music began to play on the arena speaker system.

Scott Slade: What dominate showing from Sato!

Kronin: He wanted to come out here and prove to everyone he’s the best and I think he did just that. That has to be a record of some ssion!
that was the quickest win in the history of the submission wrestling division here in at Ulttanding backstage with t Slade:** Fantastic stuff. Fans I’m being told by our director that Holly Hudson is standing back stage with the Franchise Champion. Holly you there?




The live feed transitioned back stage for the final time for the evening as Huckleberry A.K.A “The Huckster” stood next to Holly Hudson with his Franchise Championship belt strapped around his skinny waist. The straps ancient Egyptian orb with the Eye of Ra on it glistened in the studio lightning impressively. Almost as impressive was Huckleberry’s long hair that had been freshly bleached, along with his long sideburns, and his trim goatee. He was fully dressed in his flamboyant wrestling attire and it was quite visible through his spandex that something strange was protruding out of his belly and glowing slightly green. As soon as Holly noticed the glow she backed away from the champion and popped a few iodine pills before asking her first question.

Holly Hudson: Yes, I’m here Scott. Huckleberry tonight you defend your Franchise Championship for the firstora and oman some say you stole it from back at Friday Night Clash 8. Do you think you can beat Valora one on one and silence all of your critics?

Huckleberry: Now ya listen here darling! Old Huckleberry is the true Franchise Champion! I won this here title belt fair and square! Ain’t no onethrough the wringer sincent!

Holly Hudson: Well alright then…

HuckHis near-fatal run-in with he’d been through the ringer since the fans last saw him at Friday Night Clash 12. His near fatal run in with a Chupacabra had really taken a toll of the hillbilly wrestler and it was instantly obvious. Also whatever he’d swallowed that was eradiated and glowing through the skin of his stomach also seemed to be making him extremely ill. How he’d hadn’t dropped dead from radiation poisoning was an unsolved scientific mystery.

Huckleberry: Now as for our match here tonight, Ms. Salinas better bring everything she’s got! Cause the Huckster is bringing his “A” game! I’ve been boozing it up since noon! My ass is ready for a war!

Holly Hudson: Well there you have it fans. Chris, Scott, and Kronin back to you!

Huckleberry stormed off Ms. Hudson’s interview stage and marched his way toward the entrance stage with a determined look on his face only a naïve moron would have going into a no holds barred match with Valora Salinas.





The live feed cut back to inside the arena where Rose Johnston stood in the center of the ring ready to announce the main event of the evening. The Texan wrestling fans were abuzz and the atmosphere inside the arena was electric. Rose Johnston stood in the center of the ring with her sexy leopard print dress and high heels with thousands of Texan eyes G FRANCHISE CHAMPIive slender figure.

Rose Johnston: The following contestner takes all!!! MATE WRESTLING FRANCHSIE CHAMPIONSHIP!!! No disqualifications! Pin falls allowed anywhere! Winner take all!!! Making her way to the ri*The now-familiarrom the fallen city of Los Angeles! She is the former Franchise Champion! VALORA SALINAS!!!

The now familiar “Bring It” by Trapt hit the arenas sound system and the fans erupted into a tornado of boos and racial slurs as the Latina superstar walked out onto the main stage. Valora immediately gave the Southern crowd the double finger salute before making her way down the ramp. As she reached ringside, she slid into the ring, and straightaway began to warm up for her opponent while referee Bob Sigro consulted her on his expectations for the match.

Rose Johnston: And hee foot, nine-inch tall LaWrestling Franchise Champion! Hailing from Dublin, Georgia! HUCKLEBERRY!!!

The five foot, nine inch tall Latina made her way to the side of the ring facing the main stage just as her music cut off and “Hillbilly Deluxe” by Brooks & Dunn started to play. The entire stadium jumped to their feet and erupted into massive cheers as the little Appalachian hillbilly made his way out onto the stage. Huckleberry had a huge grin on his face as he unstrapped his Franchise Championship belt from his waist and lifted it high in the air for all the Texans to see.

Chris Rodgers: This is what we’ve been waiting for! The biggest prize in professional wrestling being fought over by the two top wrest However, keep thte sides of the country. This is going to be an absolute war!

Kronin: You’re right Chris. However keep this in mind. These no holds barred matches are Salinas’s specialty. Huckleberry is entering a world of hurt and he probably doesn’t even realize it yet. This is Valora’s universe and she is its master.

Scott Slade: I’m sure you’re speaking from experience…

Kronin: Oooh yeah… trust me… Huckleberry bfterward was an ad on a swivel tonight! I’ve fought a few brutal matches with her and the recuperation time afterwards was an absolute pain in my ass.

The Appalachian hillbilly made his way down the ramp and across the aisle slapping high fives with the fans near the steel guard railings. The Huckster then stopped abruptly about twenty feet from the ring and pulled out his little liquor flask filled with moonshine and started chugging. After taking a big long swig, he screwed the top back onto the flask, licked his lips disgustingly, and then tossed the flask up into the air toward Valora in the ring. The Latina caught the flask awkwardly not expecting Huckleberry to throw the container toward her.

Chris Rodgers: What the hell?

Scott Slade: Looks like the Huckster is showing Salinas some respect! He wants her to join in with him on the Moonshine! A friendly gesture from one champion to another perhaps? Maybe we can all get along after all?

Kronin: This crazy man is suicidal. The last thing I’d want to do is fight a Drunk Valora Salinas in a hardcore match like this. Someone call an ambulance because Huckleberry is going to need it once Valora is done with him. Mark my words.

Valora unscrewed the cap and downed the last of the moonshine before tossing the flask into the crowd of Texans behind her. The fans roared in approval as Huckleberry slid into the ring, got up onto his feet, and met Valora where they straightaway began to slug it out. Referee entually, Valora’ed for the bell as the two wrestlers brawled it out like two punks from rival street gangs. Eventually Valora’s stubborn will won out and she began to work Huckleberry back into the corner turnbuckle with rapid punishing right hands. She then grabbed hoock to cr and took him down to the mat while he was still dazed and confused locking in a tight headlock in order to cut off the blood supply to his brain.

Scott Slade: Salinas off to a great start here. She looks like she is on form and ready to win back that Ultimate Wrestling Franchise Championship.

Kronin: In her mind she trf a four-way hellise of Ultimate Wrestling. She feels like she was cheated out of her belt in that crapshoot of a four way hell in the cell matcme a two-time Fra when we all got back from North Korea. Tonight she has a chance to put things right and become a two time Franchise champion in the process.

Chris Rodgers: I can’t believe what I’m hearing here. You two are che South but arouckster like he’s a sack of shit! This man is unbreakable! This man is not only a legend in the South, but around the globe! I think tonight with the help of this supportive fan base that he gets it done and walks out with the strap on his shoulder and title defense on his record.

Kronin: I’ve been in the ring with both of these fighters Chris. Trust me. The smart money is on Salinas tonight.

With the crowd fully behind him stomping and clapping the Huckster fought back up to his feet and hit Valora with multiple elbow picture-perfect dropkick frohing her into the ring ropes. Valora bounced off of them and ran straight into a picture perfect drop kick from Huckleberry that knocked the Latina onto the ring mat. The fans let out a nice round of applause for the little hillbilly as both fighters got to their feet at relatively the same time. The two wrestlers then locked up and once again and once more Valora out powered Huckleberry and took the opportunity to under hook both his arms before spinning him around. The Latina then lifted the little Appalachian into the air for a stunning vertabreaker that enraged the Texan fans.

Scott Slade: Oooh! A fantastic “Gringa Killer” from Valora!! She going for a quick cover!!!

Kronin: Here it is. ONE! TWO!! NO!!!

Chris Rodgers: Kick out by the Franchise Champion juhese red-blooded, God-fearing ing to take a lot more than that to put down the Huckster! Especially with all these red blooded, God fearing Husckster maniacs firing him up!

Valora flung her long black hair back and wiped the sweat from her brow before getting to her feet. She then picked up Huckleberry by his long blonde hair and attempted to fling him into the corner turnbuckle, but the Huckster reversed it slamming Valora into it hard instead. Huckleberry then ran up to her, kicked her in the gut, and grabbed hold of her head before running up the turnbuckle while holding onto her and nailed a devastating acid drop. The fans let out a roar of excitement for their favorite southerner as he covered the Latina for a pin.

Kronin: Fantastic athleticism by Huckleberry! He’s on Valora for the cover! ONE! TWO!! KICK OUT!!!

Chris Rodgers: Damn it! Come on Huckleberry! You’ve got to hook the damn leg or least pull the freaking tights! This is the main event at Brawl at the Wall son!

Scott Slade: Huckleberry is back on his feet already and pointing to the rafters and I think he’s thinking it’s time to put it all on the line with a big move!

With Valora still on the mat struggling to catch her breath the little Appalachian climbed up to the top turnbuckle and dove off of it attempting a shooting star press, but the Latina got her knees up just in time to block the move. The Huckster smashed his ribs up pretty bad and slumped over onto the mat next to Valora screaming in pain as the fans booed relentlessly unhappy with what had just transpired. Knowing he was in trouble, Huckleberry rolled out of the ring and collapsed onto the floor in an attempt to catch a breather after surely breaking multiple ribs.

Kronin: It’s just too early for a big move like that. I’m not sure what he was thinking, but Valora Salinas is always aware of her surroundings. So unless she’s out cold, the success rate of a move like that is extremely low.

Scott Slade: Huckleberry on the floor outside of the ring desperately trying to catch a second wind, but here comes Valora!

Salinas slid out of the ring, grabbed hold of Huckleberry who was now on his feet, but still knelt over med him headfirst into tt of rage, she ran him over ring altogether that are attached to the ring and slammed him head first into them dislodging them from the ring all together. The fans booed Valora heavily before launching into their infamous favorite “Va-Whora Sucks” chant. Huckleberry laid on the ground agonizing over the throbbing lump forming on his forehead. Valora then picked up the steel steps and e moment, the Huc the air above her head before attempting to slam them into the hillbilly. At the last possible moment the Huckster got both of his feet up to block the attack. The fans roared as the block pushed the steel steps back up intoThe best-laid plae knocking her to the floor, busting her lower lip open in the process.

Chris Rodgers: The best laid plans often go awry! Haha! I love it! Valora is finally being put in her place!

Scott Slade: I have to agree, thsive kip-up and tred on Valora and now she’s bleeding.

The Huckster sprung back onto his feet with an impressive kip up and then turned around just in time to see Valora wipe the blood from her lower lip and then lick it sadistically. Huckleberry winced as he tried to move toward Valora unfazed by her attempt to intimidate him. Ignoring the pain radiating through his sternum he dove onto her and began to punches but wasights and lefts straight to her face. Valora tried to her best to block the crazy hillbilly’s punches, but was not successful and before she knew it the Huckster had her up on his shoulders and was spinning helute nut-job befoan vortex. Huckleberry squealed like a hog as he spun the former champion around like an absolute nut job before he stopped and hit a massive Alabama slam right on the hard concrete floor.

Scott Slade: God damn! That had to hurt!

Chris Rodgers: Huckleberry going absolutely HOG WILD! YES!!

Kronin: An impressive display of resilience. He’s running on pure adrenaline right now, but as soon as that fades away those ribs of his are really going to start to affect his performance.

Scott Slade: Huckleberry trying to finish this now! Here’s the cover, ONE! TWO!! NO! NO!! Valora kicked out right at the last possool?
Huckleberry got ba Rodgers:* Come on Sigro! That count was slow! Where did this idiot go to Referee school?

Hucklberry got back on his feet and coughed up some blood that he quickly spat onto the floor before picking Valora up again and slamming her head off the steel guard railing in the aisle way. The now drunk Texan fans flung food d double-armed DD on Vher headfirst inhing her back into the Huckster’s grasp. Huckleberry grabbed Valora and double armed DDT’ed her head first into the floor and covered her again as the fans chanted his name.

Kronin: Huckleberry with another pin, ONE! TWO!! NO! Valora once again digs down deep and finds a way to kick out and keep herself alive in this match.

Scott Slade:* She’s struggling more than we expectedy sportswriters ch most of us thought she’d dominate. I know we’ve talked about this before, but they’re many sports writers in the media saying that Salinas at 41 years of age may be past her prime and entering the declining years of her career.

Chris Rodgers: She’s washed up! She’s a has been! Sato proved it last week and Huckleberry is proving it right the hell now as I speak!

Kronin: I wouldn’t count her out just yet. She might not move as fast as she once did, but she’s as ferocious and resilient as ever.

The Hucksterthe testicles with d began to pull Valora up by her hair, but was abruptly stopped when Valora socked him in the testae Latina's dirty y low blow. The fans let out an “Ooh” before erupting into a chorus of boos in response to the Latinas dirty atand leaped up intoe raked the hillbilly before grabbing hold of his head. She then sprinted up the steel ramp and leapt up intwrestlers’s laid she drove Huckleberry’s face into the steel structure with a spectacular bulldog slam. Both wrestler’s laid on the structure breathing heavily on the ramp and as Huckleberry rolled over onto his back to reveal a severe gash on his forehead.

Kronin: I told you this wasn’t over! Not by a longshot!

Scott Slade: Huckleberry head has been busted open from that studded metal that the ramp is made of and if it continues to bleed that could really become a problem for the Huckster.

Kronin: Too much loss of blood can make a man weak and woozy. The longer this fight drags the better the odds that Valora walks out as the new champion.

Valora got up onto her feet and picked up She then lifted re wrapping her arm around his head and grabbing hold of his tights with her other free hand. She the liof Huckleberry's spine th all her strength and fisherman suplexed the Huckster onto the metal ramp. The sound of Hucklberry’s spine e suplex in plac steel reverberated throughout the arena as Valora arched her back into a bridge and held the suplexe in place for a pin.

Kronin: Valora for the pin! ONE!! TWO!!! Unbelievable!!!

Chris Rodgers: Fantastic kick out by Huckleberry! He refuses to give up! Just listen to these fans!

Scott Slade: Look at the face of Valora Salinas, even she can’t believe it! What’s it going to take to put the Huckster down?

Valora sat up and blew a hot gust of air out from her bloody mouth through her long black bangs hangieanwhile, behind her, the Huclearly frustrated with her inability to put the Huckster away and seal the deal. Meanwhile behind her the Huckster had begun to crawl up the ramp toward the main stage while leaving a trail of blood and dr Valora head-on at the totlers got to their ora bull-rushed t same time as the Huckster turmet her head-on as they o head on at the top of the stage. Valora bull rushed the hillbilly and the na into an uproar. head on as they once again started to slug it out with hard rights and lefts sending the arena into uproar.*

Scott Slade: Look at these two titans of wrestling go at it! This has bthe slugfest sho war we imagined it would be!

Chris Rodgers: This is awesome!

Once again Valora won the slug fest showdhe mega-Tron screbed the Huckster by his hair and slammed his face off of the metal structure that holds up the mega-tron sc for a powerbomb to end all powerbombs.
Sthe stage and tucked his head in-between her tto powerbomb Hucfor a power bomb to end all power bombs.

Scott Slade: Oh nould be a career ong ven life-threatenomb Huckleberry off the stage! Someone needs to put a stop this! This could be career or even life threatening!

Chris Rodgers: Sigro needs to break this up now! She’s going to kill him!

Valora wrapped her arms around Hucklberry’s midsection and was about to lift the little hillbilly up when from out of nowhere the Huckster used all of his strength to lift Valora up using his back and nthrough the table wia shocking back body drop. The crowd went silent as Valora fell from the stage and crashed through table with equipment on it and onto the concrete floor below. The sickening sound of her body hitting the floor was heard clearly throughout the arena.


Scott Slade: That had to be 15 feet to the floor! As God as my witness, Valora Salinas has been broken in half! We need EMT’s! Someone get Dr. Drake out here now!

The momentary silence of the crowd was broken by the Huckster who let out a crazy Appalachian style mountain call while beating on his chest like Tarzan. He then brought his hand to his ear and cupping it. The fans began to chant his name as he hurdled himself off the stage with no regard for his personal safety and crushed Valora with a massive diving elboop! Good, God! Ta Texaout overkill!
llions watching across the globe.

Scott Slade: Flying elbow drop! Good Goddown there! Hurry kill!

Chris Rodgers: This is the greatest night of my life! Look at Sigro running down their! Hurry your ass up you bum!

Kronin: Why isn’t Sigro putting a stop to this insanity! Valora is in no shape to continue! There is no need for a 3 count!

Huckleberry crawled through the rubble of the table slowly and draped his arm over Valora who was completely unconscious and breathing erratically. Sigro finally reached the wrestlers and dropped to the floor for the count.

Chris Rodgers: This is it! ONE!! TWO!!! THREE!!!!

Scott Slade: Incredible! Huckleberry has successfully defended his Franchise title against Valora! He defied all the odds and has done something few others have achieved in this business!

Chris Rodgers: Just listen to these fans!




“Hillbilly Deluxe” Brooks and Dunn stated to play over the sound system as Dr. Drake with group of EMT’s rushed out from the backstage down the ramp. Referee Bob Sigro helped the injured Huckleberry up onto his feet and raised his hand high into the air before handing him his Franchise Championship title belt. A “Huckster Rules” chant echoed throughout the arena as EMT workers began to treat him and the fallen Valora Salinas.

Kronin: What a fight. I’ve never seen anything like it. I don’t think either of these two are ever going to be the same after the beating they unleashed on one another. Wait minute what happening now?

Scott Slade: Valora is conscious and in a real bad mood! It… It looks like she refusing medical attention!

Valora pushed the EMT workers off of her and then socked Dr. Drake in the face dropping him to the floor much to the disdain of the Texan fans. Huckleberry watched as Valora limped out the table rubble before gesturing for everyone to go fuck themselves with arms. The Texan fans booed her relentlessly as she mustered the strength to walk up the ramp and through the s trying
to help herk to the locker room.

Chris Rodgers: She’s lost her mind! Attacking innocent people trying help her! They should have her committed!

Scott Slade: Ladies and gentlemen we are out of time! From all of us here at Ules to an

end… *thank you for watching and tune in next week for Friday Night Clash 13!

The live feed comes to and end…


Abandon Warehouse Garage

Temporary R.O.S. Base of Operations

3 hours after Brawl at the Wall 2

The Rebels of Society members were busy gearing up for their impossible mission of rescuing thousands of Hibusses was being wom the largest I.C.E Federal Detention Facility in the country. A fleet of heavily modified busses were being worked on round the clock since they’d arrived with Valora and a group of her “friends” from across ted with twin turbefore. The busses had been fitted with M.A.N manufactured D2868 V8 diesel engines and upgraded with a twin turbos eavy-duty off-roadpower tcapable of handlingousand horses. The standard tires had been removed and replaced with heavy duty off road tiresh custom-tuned computer-controlld terrain. The suspensions had been completely removed as well and replaced with custom tuned computer controlled active suspensions capable of handling almost anything.

It was ics and fantasti Valora had hired to tune and modify the large vehicles had an extensive background in mechanics and a fantastic engineering prowess. It was now up to the Rebels to make them strong enough to survive whatever they would encounter once the operation was underway. Ares had come up with a design to armor plate the massive vehicles in their most vulnerable areas and his men and women were busy following the designs he’d laid out for them. Ares and Sato were standing together arguing with one another over whether they should wait for Valora who was several hours late or move forward with their mission without her.

Ares: You saw the bump she took off that In fact, she’s pre’s no way she can go through with this operation after that wrestling match with Huckleberry. In fact she’s probably lying in an X-Ray machine as we speak. We can’t backstage. Ser for her, the busses are almost ready, and those people need our help!

Takuma: You weren’t back stage. She refused medical treatment and left the arena in her own car without help from anyone. She told me she’d be here! Valora is a lot of things, but she’s damn sure not a liar.

Ares: Kid, I know you look up to her, but there is no fucking way she’s…

Suddenly the nearest garage door in the massive abandoned warehouse opened without warning. There stood the beaten and bruised Salinas in a black tank top and torn up blue jeans. She was a bit hunched over and had a bit of a limp from the massive fall she’d taken off the stage earlier in the evening. The Latina had fallen fifteen feet through a table onto a concrete floor bruieir caregivers ptebras and her right hip. Most human beings would have stayed in their hospital bed and had their care givers pump them full of painkillers, but not Valora. She was used to extreme amounts of pain and the fire in her heart after watching the video files Ares had shown hit amigo or whats all the motivation she needed to keep pushing herself.

Valora: You ready to do this shit amigos or what?

Ares: Are we ready? We’ve been here for hours working nonstop! Where the hell have you been?

Valora: Let’s just say I needed to pick up some meds at the pharmacy…

Valora reached into her back jean pocket and pulled out a bottle of painkillers and pouised eyebrows asr mouth before chewing them up and swallowing them. Sato and Ares looked at each other with raised eye brows as Valora limped over to them.

Sato: How’s your back feeling? You sure you’re going to be able to go through with this?

Valora: I’m fine. If I can lead us out of North Korea alive after being tortured, then I can handle this. How are the busses coming along?

Ares: They’re almost rroof of the bus for ing is almost fifire on McStrumplt a little step ladder and hatch the firepower. D to the roof of bus for when we have to fire on the McStrump’s wall.

Valora: Speaking of the fire power. Did your guy on the dark web come through?

*Ares waved Valora and Sato over to a huge table with a large blue tarp draped over it. He then grabbed the tarp and ripped it off the table revealing a series of M20A1B1 Super Bazookas and multiple rounds of ammunition. On a table next to the high powered weaponry were a series of M9 modified Beretta’s that had been converted to fire non-lethal tranquilizer darts. Valora crossed her arms and nodded seeming impressen crypto

currencyas’s ability to deliver on what was needed.*

Valora: Nicely done. I’m guessing you paid in crypto currency so none of this would be traced back to a double-edged swnero. Complethis case, it’s a God bless the computer nerds am I right?

Valora: Technology is a double edged sword, but in this case it’s a blessing.

Valora smiled as she picked up one of the large bazookas and began to get comfortable with the weapon. Valora had fired a few in her life over her years of training, but these were older and a bit different than the modern bazooka’s she’d used in the past.

Valora: When was the last time these were actweaponry
, these wbattlefield?

Ares: The Korean War. Don’t worry though. They’ve been tested, and unlike modern weaponry these were built and manufactured right here in the good old U.S. of A! Also there one of the most powerful Bazookas ever created. These mother fuckers will stop a tank dead in its tracks!

Valora cracked a smiled as she set the large weapon back down onto the table. She then saw working
Arels working on some drones away from the busses and pointed over to them.*

Valora: What are they working?

Ares: I’m having a team provide some air support for us with some drones. We’re converting them so that they can fire tranquilizer darts from above. We’ve got a group of sixow… well, that’s drone pilots that will be flying them remotely from here providing air support for us.

Valora: Wow… well that’s more than I was expecting.

Ares: The plan is to not kill any I.C.E agents we encounter. This is a stealth mission. We infiltrate, we use the tranquilizers to put all the agents out of cdioed into them en we set thempleted the first pa The busses will be waiting outside of the I.C.E facility once we’ve radioed in to them that we’ve completed first part of our objective.

Sato: Right, then we load the prisoners up and high tail it through the desert all the while avoiding public roads as we make a direct B line toward McStrump’s wall.

Ares: That’s right Taku, once we’re close enat point, their rf our team will climb up the ladder and open the hatchetrump border walo each of the busses. From that point their responsibility wilh the border andig enough hole in McStrump boarder wall with their Bazooka for the driver to be able to drive through the boarder and into Mexico where I’ve been assured the Mexican government will provide asylum for all of us.

Valora: Well alright then! Let do this shthe warehouse wef the time was spent gearing up for the coming mission. Once everyone was ready the garage doors to the ware house were opened and the massive supped of vehicles began to roll out one by one. Ares, Valora, and Takuma mounted their dirt bikes and fired them up befor Part 3: https://hive.blog/fic toward the I.C.E detention center.*


Click here for Part 3: https://goldvoice.club/steem/@ultimatewrestlin/ultimate-online-wrestling-season-2-ch-6-part-3-brawl-at-the-wall-2

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