Ultimate Online Wrestling Season 2 Ch-6 - Part 1: Brawl at the Wall 2

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Ashland, Nebraska

Command Center of Atalar Robotics

36 hours before Brawl at the Wall 2

U.S. President Ronald McStrump stood inside the Atalar Robotics command center located at the Federal Ashland, Nebraska army base. Next to him was his top general James Brattis, his Vice President Mike Dense, and the President’s closest advisor Steve Shannon. At the giant quantum computer control panel was Edward Harrington pressing buttons, pulling levers, and typing in sophisticated programming commands that would soon send the Centurions and the Eagle Eye drones on their first combat mission to Mt. Vernon. In the top corner of the computer screen was a small window displaying a live camera feed of the hundreds of Hispanic workers preparing the robots for war and a small battalion of 20 Hammer Industries mercenary Shock Troopers gearing up for the coming battle.

Edward Harrington: The fleet of Centurions and Eagle Eye drones are almost ready Mr. President. I’ve spent day’s going over every single line of code. I have no doubt that this operation will be a colossal success.

President McStrump: Terrific… How is Jeremiah doing with his new battle suit? Any issues there?

Edward Harrington let out a huge sigh clearly frustrated with the President question. Harrington always had a difficult time explaining his work to people who really didn’t understand computer science. It was even worse when he had to talk to someone so technologically ignorant that they probably couldn’t even find the power button on their computer. It had become abundantly clear that President McStrump was one of those people.

Edward Harrington: I don’t understand why you’re being so insistent on having that playboy dimwit and his mercenaries be part of this mission. My creations are more than capable of handling whatever this Blob creature can throw at them.

President McStrump: They’re untested. We’re only going to get one shot at this. I need a backup plan. You might be fully confident with these autonomous robots, but sometimes you need human beings to handle some of the more sensitive situations.

Edward Harrington: Bah! Humans are emotional! Their beliefs and morals are always interfering with the orders given to them by their superiors. These machines will do exactly what you ask them to do with no questions asked! They won’t ever second guess your orders or turn against you. They’re the ultimate super army!

General Brattis: As true as that statement is Mr. Harrington, Jebediah Atalar championed the battle suit and worked his entire life on perfecting it before his untimely death. Battle suits are battlefield tested and in the hands of an experienced pilot like Jeremiah an incredibly powerful asset.

Edward Harrington: Jebediah only championed the piloted battle suits because our computer systems were not powerful enough to think, fly, and fight autonomously. With Quantum computers now a reality, Dr. Atlar’s dreams and designs are finally scientific reality! I’ve personally dedicated my entire life to his work! To doubt my work is to doubt me damn it!

Steve Shannon: The President wants to see how Jeremiah is doing. Please bring him up on the monitor so we can speak with him. We won’t ask you again…

Harrington did as sloppy Steve demanded and brought up the live feed of Jeremiah entering an Iron Man like battle suit that intertwined and bonded with his cybernetic body parts implanted in his brain. The red, white, and blue battle suit lit up and the metal face mask closed and locked into place. Harrington pressed a button on the computer control panel and then turned around to face his leaders with his arms crossed clearly very angry.

Harrington: He’ll be able to hear you now Mr. President.

President McStrump: Jeremiah can you hear me?

Vastrix: 10-4 Mr. President. I read you loud and clear.

President McStrump: I know we started off on the wrong foot son. The assassination attempt you made on my life infuriated me to no end. However after listening to your story about how your father poisoned your beautiful girlfriend Olivia Cooke, I found it in my heart to forgive you. Had it been I and it were my wife or daughter that had been taken and I’d been in the same position as you, I would done exactly the same thing.

Vastrix: Uhh… Thank you sir…

President McStrump: Michael Vastrix was a complicated man, as was my father. In a lot of way’s we have a great deal in common you and I.

Vastrix: Sure… I guess.

President McStrump: Also as you well know I wasn’t exactly thinking straight. That damn Blob creature had a hold over my mind. Hell if it wasn’t for you and that religious fellow Mike hired, I’d still be under that disgusting things control!

Vastrix: Again Mr. President, that’s not exactly a moment I want to relieve right now. Also I’m glad that you feel better about our relationship, but I’m still very uncomfortable with the slave labor you’re using to build these robots.

The president rolled his eyes.

President McStrump: Jeremiah I promise you that once we’ve hit our quota number that they will be released and sent back to the terrible shithole countries that they came from. Cross my heart and hope to die!

President McStrump turned around and made a jerking off motion with his right hand while making a queer face at his advisors and Dr. Harrington. Sloppy Steve snickered at the Presidents childish antics fully enjoying immature sense of humor. It was clear the President had no intention on releasing any of the Hispanic men he’d ripped from the I.C.E detention centers to work in the Atalar factory.

Vastrix: Well that makes me feel better. Now if you’ll excuse me I have diagnostics to run and a group of mercenaries to prepare for war.

President McStrump: Of course, of course. Let’s focus on the HUGE mission at hand. That’s what’s important.

The metal boots of Jeremiah’s armor clanked loudly on the metal floor of the military base as he made his way out to the main floor where his shock trooper mercenaries were waiting for him. The president looked on from the command center gleefully happy with a sadistic smile on his face knowing that he would finally have revenge against the Blob and its worshippers for what they had done to him and his son Ronald Jr.


Mt. Vernon, Washington State

Sanctuary of the Blob

24 hours before Brawl at the Wall 2

It was harvest season in the Sanctuary of the Blob and the deciduous trees had begun to turn yellow, orange, and red as they do every year during the fall season. The Children of the Blob were busy harvesting from their massive mutated garden that had grown wildly over the summer. The small traces of radiation that was able to penetrate the Blobs ever weakening force field mixed with the special fertilizer scrapped from the bottom of the Blobs antechamber tank had yielded fantastic unexpected results. Vegetables fifty times their normal size filled their farmlands and provided incredible nutrition for them. The Blob had protected them from the nuclear blast and the resulting fall out. Now he’d blessed them with another miracle and brought them enough food to feed them for the entire winter.

In celebration of their incredible harvest and their living God, the people of Mt. Vernon were busy preparing for a festival of epic proportions. Large casks of Glenblobich whisky and Blob mead had been wielded out of what was once the Tiny Lister Memorial arena, which now served as their Church. Brother Janus, who had taken the reigns of leadership after Abishag went missing and Dr. Summeroff had been beaten into a coma, had an extremely worried look on his face. The Blob had been warning him for weeks that retaliation from President McStrump would be coming and that his force field now months old would not hold against the U.S. forces without further human sacrifices.

The Blob however refused to eat his own worshippers and demanded that Janus prepare the men for war. The Blob’s children did not have many weapons save for some modest fire arms and some semi-automatic rifles that had been converted to automatic by brother Phineas who had spent time in the military in his younger years. The only ace Janus and the Blob’s people had up their sleeves were the unexpected mutations that many had undergone from their micro radiation exposure. Some men and women had died from cancer, but others had mutated with surprising outcomes. Increased strength, enlarged body parts, and even enhanced senses had become common amongst the populace. Janus hoped that this would be enough to fight off whatever military rabble McStrump would send after them.

The sound of multiple sonic booms in the distance broke Janus’s deep thought and a cold chill ran up his spine. He instantly knew that the day that the Blob had warned him of had finally arrived. As he looked up into the night sky through the Blob’s translucent force field he saw dozens of Eagle Eye Drones and Centurion robots hovering above it. Then two large custom black bird military planes blasted past before landing about three hundred yards away from the circumference of the force field. Once the shock had worn off, Janus began to run and scream for the women and children to take cover in the church and for the men to take up arms. Brother Phineas climbed the bell tower and began to sound the alarm as panic took hold of the sanctuary and the compound.

Meanwhile, Jeremiah and his Shock Troopers had exited their Black Birds and had feet on the ground. Each and every member of Jeremiah’s team was outfitted with a newly designed Hammer industries anti-radiation suits specifically crafted for military missions. These were lighter, less bulky, and provided better mobility, but were about hundred times more expensive to manufacture. The boy’s in Desolation, Africa at the factory had been working overtime for two weeks just produce twenty suits. At a million dollars apiece Jeremiah had gone all out to assure that his men would not die from latent radiation poisoning. Once everyone was out of the large plane Jeremiah radioed in to the command center back in Ashland.

Vastrix: This is Jeremiah to command center. Do you read me? Over.

General Brattis: Roger that soldier. Do you have visual on the compound yet? What is your ten twenty? Over.

Vastrix: Negative sir. We just landed.

General Brattis: Centurions have that supernatural force field approximately 350 yards from you and your men. When you have a visual on the sanctuary, radio in. We will then commence fire on the force field and continue firing on it until we break through the damn thing.

Vastrix: Wilco General. Vastrix over and out. LET’S MOVE OUT! I ain’t got all day! I got a big match at Brawl at the Wall 2 to fight after this! I got be in Texas by morning! Let’s find the Blob without hurting anymore innocent people than we have to and kill it!

The soldiers laughed in good nature at Jeremiah’s statement. Yes they were mercenaries, but most of them had been employed by War Hammer since Jeremiah was just a little boy. These were men that Jeremiah had trained with up until his father became hell bent on murdering him and was forced into hiding. To them Jeremiah was the heir to his father’s throne and though their missions had become more humanitarian in nature since he took over, they stayed loyal and at his side as his own personal Special Forces squad.

They also enjoyed watching him put the training they gave him to good use inside the wrestling ring. They were eagerly awaiting to see him pummel LuLu Biggs for what he’d done to Olivia Cooke the previous week on live national television. The men seemed to respect Jeremiah even more than his father because he was willing to get his hands dirty and fight for the sheer joy of it as a professional athlete. Most trillionaires wouldn’t dare dream of risking their health or their body like Jeremiah did and that seemed to have some pull with them.

Vastrix and his team marched through the dead pine forest filled with dead animal skeletal remains and very little plant life until the Sanctuary came into full view. It was obviously clear where the Blob’s force field started because literally everything inside of it was lush and green like nothing had happened. From an outside perspective it looked as if the entire Sanctuary had been untouched by the radiation. Jeremiah quickly made a hand gesture to his men and they all took a knee as he radioed into General Brattis.

Vastrix: We have eyes on the compound. Over.

General Brattis: Ten Four. Operation “Bring down the Wall” will commence in twenty five seconds. Have your men take cover. We have no way of telling how the force field will react.

Vastrix: Ten Four. Wilco. Everyone take cover now!

Jeremiah and his team took shelter behind some boulders and dead trees, anywhere where they could find protection. Seconds later high above them the Centurion robots extended their arms forward and began to fire plasma beams generated by their arc reactor cores from their robotic hands. The drones waited hovering above to see if the attack would have any success. The force field at first held, but the longer the robots continued their assault the field grew weaker and weaker until it finally collapsed unleashing visceral sound throughout the northern forest.

Vastrix: Shield is down! I repeat Shield is down! Over!

General Brattis: Roger that. Proceed with caution. Centurions and Eagle Eyes will be your eyes in the sky for now. If you meet resistance, scatter and make your way to the entrance of the compound. Leave cultist to the Atalar Robots.

Vastrix: Roger that. Let’s move out people!

Vastrix and his men began to move into the Sanctuary and were amazed to see the enormous mutated crops and the incredible sustenance of the land. Vastrix stopped and everyone in the group put on their night vision goggles on his command. As soon as the goggles were activated the heat signatures of the cultist hiding behind trees, gigantic vegetable’s, and large farm equipment became instantly visible. In the distance stood the Tiny Lister Memorial Arena, but where once the statue of Tiny Lister had once stood now stood an epic monolith of Blob. There was an eerie vibe to the entire sanctuary as if everything that existed inside the Blob’s bubble had been sustained by unnatural forces.

Shock Trooper 1: Man this place gives me the fucking willies. Just give us the signal Jeremiah.

Shock Trooper 2: Did you all see that fucking pumpkin over there? You could make a horse carriage of that mother fucker!

Jeremiah: Enough… on my go… FIRE!!!

The Shock troopers pulled out their incredibly enhanced War Hammer plasma rifles and began firing at the hiding Cultist. Entire trees instantly burst into flames after being hit in the cross fire forcing many of cultists to scatter and begin firing bullets back at the Shock Troopers. Jeremiah’s boosters thrusted him into the air and he began firing multiple plasma warning shots near the attackers forcing them back as he frantically scanned the area for the secret compound entrance that he’d been briefed on by Brattis. The fighting between the Shock Troopers and the Cultist had produce causalities on both sides as home field advantage and guerilla war tactics helped to slightly even the odds against the Hammer technology.

Things shortly tipped in the Cult’s favor when some of the strongest mutates who’d been hiding in the giant pine trees above the troopers dropped down surprising the group and began to rip them limb from limb before stealing their weapons and firing on Jeremiah and his remaining comrades. The screams of their teammates struck fear within the remaining troopers as they scattered like Brattis had ordered them to desperately searching to find the entrance to the compound. Suddenly the Centurions swooped in and began firing plasma beams mercilessly at the Cultists melting them into a piles of gooey bloody bones or literally slicing them in half with a single shot.

Janus was horrified as he helplessly watched the autonomous robots annihilate his people one by one. His remaining forces were quickly sniped from above by the Eagle Eye drones floating in the sky. One by one they systematically blew the brains out of each every one of the super mutated cultist who had given Jeremiah’s men some much trouble. By this point Jeremiah and his six remaining shock troopers had found the secret entrance in a bunker that had a large hatch sealed with a valve. Jeremiah had also been watching the chaos unfold and was taken aback by the efficiency at which the Centurions and Eagle Eyes had methodically slaughtered the Children of Blob. Jeremiah shook off the depressed feeling he had and then shot the hatch door off opening the entrance to the compound that Dr. Summeroff had built so many years ago.

Five minutes later Jeremiah and his remaining team members had climbed down into the musky underground compound. The underground catacombs were dimly lit and had a foul stench to them that words could not even begin to describe. While Jeremiah was shielded from whatever was in the air his shock trooper’s ventilation systems in their masks seemed to be failing them. They began to grow nauseous and slightly dizzy, but the trained veterans pulled their shit together and followed Jeremiah into the main hallway. Earth, dust, and stone crumbled and fell from the ceiling every time the ground shook from an explosion above them elevating the team’s anxiety and heart rate.

Shock Trooper 5: This place is ready to cave in on us if those fucking Centurions keep fucking blowing shit up there like its fucking World War 3!

Shock Trooper 3: Tell me about. This place is making me claustrophobic as hell.

Vastrix: Try being locked into an armored battle suit for days on end and then get back to me about the claustrophobia. Now keep your focus, we don’t know what kind of defenses the Blob may have set up to protect himself!

As the Jeremiah’s team of shock troopers navigated their way through the labyrinth that was the Blob’s compound, multiple deranged cultist attempted to come at them with knives and farming tools. The shock troopers easily shot and killed each of them with their high tech weaponry. Eventually they entered a strange medical room where Dr. Summeroff had been held on life support since Abishag had beaten him into a coma. Jeremiah instantly recognized the man who had been a thorn in his side for so long while he’d been partnered with Abishag.

Vastrix: This is the secondary target I was briefed on. The President wants him alive. Damien. Brock. Get him disconnected from all this medical equipment and back to the black bird on the double. Use whatever medical life support gear we have on the plane to keep him alive and wait there until I and the rest of the team returns.

The two shock troopers gave Jeremiah a salute and then began to work on getting Dr. Summeroff disconnected from the cult’s strange medical apparatus that had been keeping him alive for so long. They knew they would have to hurry to get him back to the plane if they wanted to keep the old man alive. Jeremiah and what was left of his team moved on deeper into the catacombs in desperate search of Blob’s antechamber so that they could finish their mission and leave the unholy place forever. Finally they arrived at the end of a long hallway lit by sea nymph statues holding torches leading to a massive door with hand painted imagery of the Blob passing his wisdom down to one of man’s early ancestor’s in what looked to be ancient Latin America. The artistry was incredible and rivaled the work of Michelangelo’s Sixteenth Chapel.

Shock Trooper 1: This has to be it boss.

Vastrix: Sure looks like it… my sensors are picking a great bit of power radiating from behind this door. X-Ray vision reveals what looks to be a chamber with a mass floating inside of it. Much larger though than what I expected though…

Shock Trooper 4: What are we waiting for?

Vastrix: Once we enter this room things will most likely spiral out of control. I can’t even begin to predict what we might face in there. I want everyone on there “A” game understand? I’m not losing anymore of you tonight!

Shock Trooper 6: We’re ready sir. Let’s go kill ourselves a God!

Jeremiah’s battle suit began to make a strange loud high pitched noise before he bent over and extended his neck to fire a powerful plasma blast from both of his cybernetic eyes channeled through the crystal lenses in his battle suit. The blast blew a large hole in the beautiful painted stone door clearing a pathway into the Blob’s inner sanctum. As the rubble came to a rest and the dust cleared Jeremiah and his remaining troopers stormed into the room until they saw the Blob in all his glory floating in his newly designed mega antechamber. The God creature’s skin was grey like a whales and his tentacle appendages like an octopus littered with suction cups. Its eye’s and teeth were shark like and its face full of expression much like a humans. Jeremiah’s men froze up immediately after seeing the floating God in its tank staring at them unable to process what they were seeing as the Blob began to speak to them.

The Blob: Ahh… Jeremiah Vastrix… I see that the “orange one” sent you to do his dirty business. It’s not surprising, but I would have hoped he’d send better. Are you prepared to die at the tentacles of a God?

Vastrix: Listen up you floating fish turd! Your quest to rule humanity has come to an end! We won’t let you destroy our way of life!

The Blob: Oh yes, because Ronald McStrump and the rest of the humanities world leaders have created such a utopian world for all of you. Why on earth would you need my help? Hah! Without my intervention in the North Korean, U.S. conflict the world would be a radioactive dust ball right now! I’m the one who put the events in motion to put all of you there to put a stop to your Father’s and Allen Anderson’s hideous plan!

Vastrix: This is our world! Why don’t you go back to the damn ocean where you came from and rule the seas like you’re supposed to! The land is our world! It’s our evolutionary claim! You can’t even live outside that disgusting tank your floating around in! I refuse to accept that our salvation is a Blob creature floating around in his own fecal matter!

The Blob: Fool! The pathetic civilization your species has built would have been eviscerated in less than a day without me! Mankind is on a doomed path that least right to destruction. Your species will destroy this entire planet including the oceans! Global Warming! Pollution! Nuclear war! Humanity needs me to lead them to the next stage of evolution! I refuse to let you apes destroy this planet! What you do on the surface world affects us deep under the seas more than you could ever know! NOW DIE MORTALS!!!

Jeremiah and his shock troopers were completely caught off-guard as two panels at the bottom of the Blob’s tank opened up without warning. His two front tentacles elongated and shot through the slots and out of the tank wrapping around two of the Troopers necks snapping them instantly. The troopers dropped to the floor dead as door nails as the last two of Jeremiah’s mercenaries fired upon the tentacles. One of them was actually able to cut one of the tentacles in half with a well-aimed shot from his plasma rifle which caused the Blob to screech loudly vibrating the entire sanctum.

His tentacles shot back into the antechamber almost as fast as they come out as Jeremiah fired massive energy ballast from his eyes hitting the glass portion of the antechamber shattering it in the process. The Blob’s saltwater spilled out onto the floor cascading over Jeremiah and the two shock troopers causing them all to lose their footing and fall to the floor. As they got back onto the their feet and moved in close on the Antechamber with their weapons drawn, they bore witness to the Blob God floundering around on broken glass, bloody puddles, and its own excrement.

The Blob: You bastards don’t know what you’re doing! I am your only hope! I am this planets salvation!

Vastrix: Man doesn’t need you. It needs technological solutions which I and Hammer industries intend on providing for them. You should have stayed in the oceans where you belong…

Vastrix began charging up for a big blast as he raised his hand in order to fire an arc reactor charged blast generated from the core of his battle suit. Just before he could reach the level of power needed to destroy the God a large deafening roar came from behind them. As Jeremiah turned around he was shocked to see his former tag team partner Abishag standing in the crumbled door way in full berserker mode. His skin still scaly like a sharks and bumpy with barnacles, his finger nails elongated and sharp like crocodiles, and his teeth and eyes as dangerous and as frightening as white sharks. His arms had been bandaged and were soaked in the blood of the victims who were ignorant enough to stand in his way of the compound. The only semblance of his former humanity were a pair of pants held up by suspenders and that fact that he still walked on two feet.

Vastrix: Take him down now!

The mercenaries began to fire on Abishag with their plasma rifles, but his incredible new found speed and agility made him a difficult target to hit as parried and dodged multiple shots before eviscerating the last two shock troopers with his claws and teeth. Distraught with all men he’d lost Jeremiah hovered up above his enemy and began to fire energy blasts at Abishag in a fit of rage. Abishag did everything he could to avoid the blasts and then leapt up into the air and literally yanked Jeremiah down onto the ground before tearing into his battle suit and ripping out the arc reactor from it. The molten hot power unit burned Abishag’s mutated flesh as he tossed it hard into the wall. The miniature reactor exploded shaking the entire sanctum causing it to begin to cave in on itself.

The Blob: Abishag you idiot! The whole compound is going to come down on our heads!! We’re all going die down here!!!

Abishag changed his focus from the now paralyzed Jeremiah locked in his armored suit to the God he’d worshipped for years. The thing responsible for transforming him into a living mutant demigod he now was and the incredible abilities that he’d been given. He picked up the Blob with both of his hands and then tucked the sea God under his arm before storming out of the crumbling sanctum and disappearing in the clouds of dust.

Jeremiah: Brattis!!! BRATTIS!!! Come in damn it! I’m stuck in the suit and about to be crushed to death! I need help!

Jeremiah quickly realized that his messages weren’t being received by Brattis anymore or he was being ignored on purpose. With no options left, Jeremiah used all of the energy running through his cybernetics to unlock and open the battle armor. This overloaded his cybernetics rendering them inert and Jeremiah was once again blind and without the CPU portion of his brain. If the cyborg was going to get out of the compound alive it was going to be up to what was left of his human body and brain. The cyborg crawled out of the suit and then began running toward the exit while being pummeled by falling rocks and debris all the while trying to reboot his cybernetic system.

Somehow Jeremiah even under immense panic was able to retrace his steps and get to the ladder he and his men had climbed down earlier with only running into half a dozen stone walls. As he climbed out of the hatch the rumbling sound of the compound imploding on itself sent a shiver done his cybernetic spine. Another 30 seconds and he would have been buried alive. Jeremiah laid on the ground until he heard loud shrieks of women and children coming from the Church of the Blob. Jeremiah’s CMOS battery finally recharged and his cybernetics came back online giving him a big sense of relief. He climbed out the bunker and sprinted toward the Church. The once great Blob Monolith had been melted down only moments ago by a Centurion and still liquid hot. Instantly Jeremiah knew that McStrump had sinister plans for the Mt. Vernon cult worshippers and had no real intention of rehabilitating them.

He burst his way into the Church and found what was left of Brother Janus dead on the floor. He looked up at what was once the Altar of the Blob to find a series of Centurion robots executing the innocent women and children of the Sanctuary. Jeremiah dropped to his knees as the robots finished executing the last of the cult members. He was exasperated and distraught at how abysmally bad the mission had gone. Hundreds of innocents dead, nearly an entire battalion of his best shock troopers annihilated, and the Blob had escaped alive and well with the help of his last Apostle Brother Abishag.

Meanwhile Abishag had managed to make his way down to the shore of the beach that once boarded the great city of Seattle. It been two hours of non-stop running through dead forest trails, hills, streams, and rivers, but finally the ocean stood before Abishag and his God. The Blob was in a horrific mood screaming belligerently at Abishag who had not spoken a word to him the entire time since he had appeared in the inner sanctum of the compound and rescued him from Jeremiah.

The Blob: Abishag! For the last fucking time! Where are you taking me?

Abishag: I found it my lord…

The Blob: Found WHAT? You imbecile! You’re not making any sense!

Abishag: The lost city lord. I found it…

The Blob: What?

Without further explanation Abishag dove into the Pacific Ocean with the Blob and disappeared into its dark depths. Back at the sanctuary Jeremiah had made his way back to the Black Bird housing his last two shock troopers and Dr. Summeroff. Without saying very much the team fired up the jet engines and took off into the night sky knowing that once they were back at Ashland all hell would most likely break loose between McStrump and Jeremiah.


A black and white shot of the infamous former location site for the first Brawl at the Wall fills the Ultimate Wrestling fans viewing screens across the globe. A man dressed in a Hammer Industries anti-radiation suit could be seen in the distance walking toward the camera man. It was a clear day with the sun beaming down hard on the bleached white sand and rocks surrounding him. The old arena’s metal bleachers that had been constructed for the show reflected sunlight back toward the camera adding to the radiant visual. As the man in the suit came into view he revealed himself as M.O.X news commentator Sean O’Reilly. He knelt down in front of the camera and scooped up some white desert sand in his gloved right hand and let it pour through his left hand with a serious look on his face.

O’Reilly: Blood and Soil… San Luis, Arizona… This was the site of the magnificent event known the world over as Brawl at the Wall. It celebrated the completion of President McStrump’s great boarder wall and ushered in a new era for America. A wall that finally secured our great nation once and for all from the foreign horde trying to steal our God given birth right to the American dream.

The footage of Sean in the desert cut abruptly and a video flashback of President McStrump laying the final brick in his 40 billion dollar boarder wall played. Dramatic classical music played in the background for added melodramatic effect as the President placed the brick in the empty gap. When the clip ended the video cut back to O’Reilly now standing upright and dusting his dirty gloves off before turning around to face the stadium. He pointed at the erected structure behind him before starting to speak to the audience again.

O’Reilly: It was also the site of the biggest Ultimate Wrestling Pay Per View event in the company’s history to that point. What better way to honor the President than with sport? It was here on this soil where Valora Salinas became the first ever Ultimate Wrestling Franchise Champion defeating the cyborg wrestler Jeremiah Vastrix.

The video cut this time to highlights of Valora whooping Jeremiah Vastrix’s ass all over the ring, stadium, and outside in the desert parking lot in front of massive divided crowd of people. The flashback film clip ended with Valora covering the cyborg wrestler for the three count and then celebrating in a mob of Latino supporters, Antifa members, and other McStrump protestors who had come in objection of the wall and also to support her fight for the wrestling world’s top prize. The clip ended and then switched back again to O’Reilly who was now standing next to the southern boarder wall exactly where Salinas had defeated Jeremiah some 12 months ago.

O’Reilly: Thanks to the now deceased North Koreans there isn’t a soul for hundreds of miles around this area in either direction. Mexico or the United States, it doesn’t make a difference anymore. No one wants to be anywhere near Los Angeles and the fallout from its nuclear missile attack it suffered. So tonight we head to Laredo, Texas! Another boarder town with a long history sets the site for Brawl at the Wall 2!

The prerecorded video ended and the feed cut live to Laredo where O’Reilly was now dressed in an expensive Armani suit outside of a large indoor arena about 5 miles from the neighboring border town of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. The sun was setting over the city and the last of the Ultimate Wrestling faithful were making their way into an extremely loud hosting venue. The familiar sound of an electric guitar riff could be heard growing ever loudly as Stranglehold by Ted Nugent began to play during the last of the Brawl at the Wall promotion video.

O’Reilly: Tonight, some of the greatest fighters the 21st century has ever known do battle for gold, fame, and immortality. The South’s last hope, Huckleberry! Defends his Franchise title against Valora Salinas one on one for the very first time! Takuma Sato defends his Submission Specialist Championship against a new challenger, Mike Fullington! And Rayven and Evolution defend what’s left of the honor of this wrestling federation against the newly crowned Ultimate Wrestling Tag Team Champions, the Russian duo of Dasha Ivanova and Boris Drago! So you better ask yourself one question. Are you ready… for some WRESTLING!!!!!?

The live feed cut away from the conservative M.O.X News pundit and transitioned to inside Laredo, Texas “One America Bank” arena. A massive crowd of 40’000 stood on their feet roaring with excitement as the camera panned around to catch glimpses of their signs and their bloodthirsty faces eager for mayhem. The cameras then cut to the commentating team of Chris Rodgers, Scott Slade, and Kronin Reinhardt sitting in the commentator booth near ringside.

Chris Rodgers: Hello everyone around the world and especially in these great United States of America! We are here in Laredo Texas for Brawl at the Wall 2 and I couldn’t be more pumped! What a card we have lined up for all of you tonight!

Scott Slade: You said it Chris! I may not agree with why we’re here, or Mr. Mudcock forcing us all to celebrate this damn boarder wall. Hell, I don’t even like the name of the event, but I can’t argue against the card for tonight’s show! Simply put. Fantastic! Every gold strap this company offers is on the line and no one is a clear favorite!

Chris Rodgers: How dare you Scott! President McStrump’s wall is a great American achievement! Like the Hoover Dam or Mt. Rushmore!

Kronin: Hah! You can’t be serious!? You can’t compare those incredible engineering feats to a silly boarder wall!

Chris Rodgers: What do you know about walls Sauerkraut? All you Germans are good for is building cars!

Kronin: You can’t be serious…

Kronin pinched the bridge of his nose and shook his head in frustration. Slade picked up the ball and ran with it knowing it take a moment for the German to recover from the extreme stupidity of Rodgers last statement.

Scott Slade: Anyway ladies and gentlemen, the only non-title bout tonight is between Jeremiah Vastrix and LuLu Biggs who’ve been at each other’s throats for the past two months! Tonight they finally settle the feud in a no holds barred, no disqualifications match that on paper sounds like an absolute brutal brawl.

Kronin: No doubt about it Scott; this isn’t a wrestling match. This is a straight up street fight between two men who absolutely hate each other. How this is legal is beyond me. It won’t be for the faint of heart I can guarantee you that!

Chris Rodgers: I’m getting the word that Biggs and Jeremiah are ready to go. Hold on to your drinks ladies and gentlemen because this is going to be an absolute barn burner of a slobber knocker!





The track “Big Poppa” by Notorious B.I.G started to play over the sound system inside the arena and the fans let out a roar as the massive LuLu Biggs walked out onto the stage with his manager Slick Mick and a group of extremely slutty looking women dressed in scandalously revealing halter tops and skin tight booty shorts. The men in the arena hooted and hollered at LuLu’s ho’s as he and Slick got down with their bad selves bumping and grinding all over the large buttocks of their female companions like they were at an out of control strip club.

Rose Johnston: Making his way to the ring now being accompanied by his manger Slick Mick! Hailing from Brooklyn New York and weighing in at an incredible six hundred pounds! The fattest bastard on the planet! Lu!! Lu!! Biggs!!!

Chris Rodgers: Rose playing mind games again, but here comes the big man now completely unphased! Six foot Six! Six hundred pounds of pure cool and sexiness.

Scott Slade: Biggs scored an incredible victory over Jeremiah last week on Friday Night Clash 12 pulling their records against each other to an equal .500.

Kronin: Yeah Scott, but I watched that match over and over again during the week and it’s clear Mr. Biggs had some sort of miniature E.M.P device that short circuited Jeremiah’s cybernetics and rendered him a blind dope in the ring.

Scott Slade: That would explain why we lost our cameras during the match…

Kronin: Exactly! For those who don’t know what the acronym stands for, E.M.P refers to Electro Magnetic Pulse and this type of weapon can take out electronic devices instantly. A large enough device could render an entire city powerless.

Chris Rodgers: Makes you wonder where he got a device like that…

LuLu climbed up the steel steps and entered the ring with his gold pimp cane still in his hand which he began to twirl around like a police baton expertly. It was clear he had full intentions on using it on Jeremiah due to the stipulations of the match. Slick and the women made their way over to his corner of the ring as LuLu’s music was cut. Precipitously “Down Low” by R. Kelly began to play over the sound system and the crowd let out a huge roar. Jeremiah Vastrix and his sexy girlfriend Olivia Cooke walked out onto the stage in front of an adoring crowd. Olivia was dressed in a stunning red dress and Jeremiah was sporting a new version of his old mask he’d used when he’d first started his career in Ultimate Wrestling to hide his identity from his father.

Rose Johnston: His opponent! Hailing from Hong Kong! Weighing in at two hundred and forty five pounds and standing at a height of six feet, two inches! God’s gift to women around the world! Jeremiah Vastrix!!!

Scott Slade: Listen to this fan base roar! Wow!

Kronin: Jeremiah has been helping ease the pain of the food shortages recently with Hammer industries hydroponic crops and it sounds like the people here in Laredo Texas are thankful for it Scott.

Chris Rodgers: A true humanitarian if I ever saw one. I know I went to bed with a full belly last night! Thank you Mr. Vastrix! Thank you Hammer industries! Goes to show you the good that large corporations can do for this world with the right people in charge.

Scott Slade: Kronin, looks like Jeremiah is sporting his old face mask. A tactical decision?

Kronin: No doubt for protection… if the referees deems it acceptable, I can’t blame him. This is going to be a vicious match. Neither one of these gentlemen is walking out of this fight the same man, and only one is going to feel vindicated when it’s all said and done.

Olivia ran over to Rose Johnston and sat next to her by the bell man as Jeremiah reached the steel steps. He stared at his giant obese archrival standing in the ring with his pimp cane cocked back ready for an attack. His brightly glowing cybernetic blue eyes scanned his opponents vitals, breathing patterns, and movement and the computer in the hallow portion of his skull began to recommend the best counter attacks or evasive maneuvers Jeremiah should take based on complex probability algorithms being calculated in real time.

Chris Rodgers: Looks like the party is about to start gentlemen!

Scott Slade: Here we go!

As Vastrix drew closer, Biggs swung his pimp cane hard straight at his head, but the cyborg avoided it with a flashy dip of the head and some fancy footwork. He then pivoted and returned fire clobbering the big former sumo wrestler straight in the jaw with a massive right hand punch. He then followed it up with an impressive combo of rights and lefts staggering the big man on his feet. The roar of the crowd though jolted LuLu who then snapped out of his daze and returned fire clubbing Jeremiah repeatedly with his diamond studded gold pimp cane over his half metallic skull. The blows knocked Jeremiah back into the ring ropes and he bounced off them trying to use them as momentum to take his massive opponent off of his feet with a clothesline.

Kronin: Jeremiah with a clothesline, no! Biggs with an impressive block and now he returns fire with that damn cane of his!

Chris Rodgers: Jeremiah already getting frustrated here. No doubt about it, and I don’t blame him those damn cane shots have to hurt!

The final blow from Biggs sent the cyborg wrestler through the middle and top rope and onto the floor with a hard thud. Jeremiah got straight up off of the floor and looked rather frustrated with the way the start of his match had gone this far. He shook off the cobwebs from LuLu fierce shots to his head and tried to figure a new game plan with the help of his CPU. A bit of blood mixed with some other kind of cyborg lubricant had begun to flow from the side of his head and a small portion of his metal skull was now visible and exposed to the elements.

Scott Slade: Jeremiah trying to regroup here. Kronin what’s it going to take for him to beat LuLu tonight?

Kronin: He just has to do what he did the first time they met in the ring. He knows he’s the better fighter and he just has to watch out for LuLu’s dirty tricks.

Chris Rodgers: You’re right Kronin. Those dirty tricks at ring side could easily get involved in this match.

Kronin: What?

Scott Slade: Chris will you keep your damn mind out of the gutter? Stop confusing our German friend here will you?

Chris Rodgers: Fine.

The cyborg walked past the steel steps catching a breather before hopping back up onto the ring apron. He then entered the wrestling ring ready to take the fight back to his opponent. Biggs taunted the masked cyborg to come at him and Jeremiah did just that, once again attempting a powerful clothesline. Just like before however the cyborg came up empty as LuLu dodged the attack with a perfectly timed bob of his head and some surprising speed for a big man.

Scott Slade: Biggs turns on a dime after Jeremiah comes up empty and look! At! The! Strength!

Kronin: Incredible power from Biggs! Look at him lift Jeremiah straight into the air! This man is as strong as Boris Drago and even Evolution!

With Jeremiah held high above his head in a gorilla press, Biggs launched his cyborg opponent into the air causing Vastrix to land face first onto the top turnbuckle in the nearest corner. Vastrix fell to the ring mat clearly feeling the effects of the massive crash he’d just absorbed face first. Biggs then picked up his pimp cane and attempted to put more of a licking on Jeremiah, but the cyborg wrestler’s cybernetic eyes picked up his opponents intentions and he rolled out of the ring and back out onto the floor. The fans cheered loudly, fully in support for Jeremiah Vastrix, encouraging him to take the fight to the 600 pound pimp of New York City.

Chris Rodgers: LuLu is looking good guys! I think he might come away with a big victory tonight!

Konin: Don’t underestimate Jeremiah Chris. Plus, LuLu is yet to really beat Jeremiah fairly.

Chris Rodgers: That’s according to you. My stat sheet right here say’s otherwise my friend.

Jeremiah got back into the ring and blocked LuLu’s cane attack forcing him to drop it on the mat as he locked up with him in the center of the ring in a test of strength. The larger and much heavier Biggs pushed Vastrix to the corner of the ring up against the turnbuckle as his crew of ho’s lead by his manager Slick Mick cheered him on. Biggs then caught Jeremiah by surprise with a big powerful knee to his gut, followed by some repeated short belly flops that effectively crushed the oxygen out of Jeremiahs lungs. LuLu then tossed the cyborg into the opposite corner turnbuckle of the ring with extreme prejudice and aggression. Jeremiah bounced off the turnbuckles and straight into LuLu’s arms for massive scoop style body slam.

Kronin: Biggs using all of his body weight to slam Jeremiah into the mat! This could be it!

Scott Slade: ONE! TWO!! NO!!!

Kronin: Kick out by Vastrix at the last second!

Chris Rodgers: I don’t understand what LuLu was thinking! Why didn’t he just sit on Vastrix with his big fat six hundred pound ass? There’s no way he would have been able to kick out of that!

Biggs clapped his hands three times at referee Bob Sigro insisting that he was slow on the count. He then pulled Jeremiah up by the scruff of his wrestling gear and tucked his head in-between his humongous sweaty thighs in order to set up for a power bomb. Biggs pulled the cyborg up by his waist and lifted him up into air and up onto his shoulders, but the cyborg came alive at the last second and began decking Biggs in the face with repeated hard right hand shots to his face. Biggs dropped Jeremiah onto the mat and the cyborg landed as gracefully at Sato would on his feet before unleashing a phenomenal carbon copy Wushu butterfly kick from Taku’s arsenal thanks to his database of stored opponent move sets. The blow knocked the big sumo style wrestler back into the ropes and his weight caused the top rope to snap resulting in Biggs spilling onto the floor a massive thump that caused the fans to roar with excitement.

Scott Slade: Holy shit! Did you see that! The top rope just snapped under LuLu’s weight!

Kronin: His weight is a double edged sword. In some case it’s a huge weapon, but in this case it may cost him the match. Biggs is slow getting up and Jeremiah looks rejuvenated after taking a beating here to start his match at Brawl at the Wall!

Chris Rodgers: Look out everyone! Jeremiah is going high risk! Up onto the remaining middle rope! Oooooh!! Massive flying elbow drop onto the floor and he landed right across the big chest of Mr. Biggs!!!

Jeremiah rolled over onto Biggs for a cover and referee Bob Sigro slid out of the ring and dropped onto his hands and knees on the floor for the count. Right before he could get to three Slick Mick and the hookers broke up the pin at the last second causing the fans in the arena to erupt in a chorus of boos. Olivia and Rose stood up watching the chaos unfold with worried expressions on their faces as Slick helped LuLu back up onto his feet while the hookers attacked Jeremiah three on one.

Scott Slade: All hell has broken loose! Look at LuLu’s female companions scratching, kicking, and stomping on the Jeremiah!

Chris Rodgers: Here comes Rose Johnston and Olivia Cooke now though! Question is can they do anything about it? Those streetwalkers are known to be tough!

Olivia grabbed one of LuLu’s hookers by their hair and flipped her onto her back side tearing out some of her hair in the process while Rose double clotheslined the other two onto the floor with no remorse. Slick Mick instantly went into outrage mode and began cussing and intimidating Rose until she slapped him so hard across the face that he fell onto the floor. The fans erupted into cheers as Biggs shook his head frustration before cocking his hand back like only Pimp could to back hand Rose for her actions. Jeremiah however jumped onto LuLu’s backside and locked in an Aztec Clutch while hanging off of the big six foot, six inch heavyweight saving Rose Johnston from her fate.

Kronin: Jeremiah reaching into Valora’s bag of tricks now! Aztec Clutch!! He’s going to try to put the big man to sleep!!!

Scott Slade: Look at Biggs’s face turning red as he struggles! This is one of the most effective choke holds ever invented in professional wrestling!

Rose walked up to Slick Mick who was attempting to get up off the floor and kicked him as hard as she could in the head knocking him unconscious. After a good thirty seconds of struggling, LuLu’s eyes rolled into the back of head, but instead of falling forward like how Jeremiah had intended, the massive six hundred pound behemoth collapsed backwards crushing Jeremiah under all his weight. This forced Jeremiah to release the hold as he cried out from the pain of his ribs and internal organs being crushed. One again referee Bob Sigro drop down for a count due to the unorthodox way Biggs was technically pinning Vastrix.

Scott Slade: Sigro is counting this as a pin!

Chris Rodgers: One! Two!! No! No!! No!!! Rose Johnston dragging Jeremiah out from under LuLu just in time!

Kronin: My God! Who knew Rose Johnston was that strong?

Scott Slade: I’ve heard she’s been working out a lot with Abigail Dresden to keep her Miss America figure. Looks like it just saved Jeremiah from losing this match! LuLu almost got another lucky win without even realizing it!

Jeremiah got back onto his feet after taking a long breather to recover from being almost flattened like a pancake. With most of LuLu’s squad incapacitated and the big guy still struggling to get up off of the floor, Jeremiah lifted the ring apron curtain, and pulled out a steel chair from the bottom of the ring. The fans began to stir before erupting into cheers as Jeremiah held the chair high into the air for all the Texan fans to see. He then cocked the chair back, making sure to get a good grip on it, before unloading a vicious chair shot straight to the forehead of Mr. Biggs who had just gotten up onto his feet. The blow rocked the big man back sending him stumbling backwards as the fans roared from the sound of metal of the chair bouncing off of his skull.

Scott Slade: Ooohh! Massive chair shot! Keep in mind fans this is all legal! Anything goes here tonight between these two!

Kronin: This is ridiculous! This isn’t wrestling! This is just a street brawl! I’m disappointed at Mr. Mudcock for agreeing to this. This isn’t sport, it’s a farce and these blood thirsty fans are disgusting!

Chris Rodgers: Ahhh quit your whining yah European softy! This here’s good old fashioned American WRESTLING! Woooh! I love it and so does the crowd!!!

Kronin: I’m sorry, but where I come from we don’t consider hitting each other with metal chairs wrestling.

Chris Rodgers: This here is America Kraut! Get with the program!!

Jeremiah rushed Biggs again as he was recovering his balance and blasted him in the face once again bending the steel chair in the process. The shot busted LuLu’s forehead wide open and blood poured down his face as he keeled over like a giant tree falling in the forest. The cyborg wrestler tossed the steel chair aside as the fans began to chant his name. He then ran over to where Biggs had collapsed and landed a massive body splash before covering the fallen pimp.

Scott Slade: Oh man that’s it! Stick a fork in him! LuLu is one done baked potato!

Chris Rodgers: Jeremiah with the pin. ONE! TWO!! KICK OUT!!!

Kronin: I can’t believe it and neither can these fans! What is it going to take for Jeremiah to beat LuLu Biggs tonight!

Jeremiah rolled off of LuLu’s hefty fat belly frustrated and angry that he wasn’t able to win the match in that moment. He then struggled back onto his feet clearly feeling the physicality of the fight. As he looked down at the pimp on the floor, he smiled sadistically while nodding his head. LuLu’s face and fancy shirt were soaked in crimson red blood and it was clear he had kicked out purely on instinct. His eyes were blinking heavily and it was apparent that he wasn’t fully aware of what was going on after being knocked absolutely stupid by Vastrix. Jeremiah once again went back to digging under the ring and pulled on a steel ladder this time out from under it. Once again the fan began to scream and cheer as the cyborg opened up the ladder and set it up in the aisle way in-between the steel guard railings.

Scott Slade: You can see it on Jeremiah’s face. This is the first time I’ve ever seen this young man this focused before. This feud with LuLu is personal and he wants pay back for all the trouble he’s caused him in his personal love life!

Chris Rodgers: Never mess with another man’s woman… or in this case… his women…

The cyborg wrestler climbed up the ladder and mounted the top rung extending his arms out in order to keep his balance. The fans chanted “Vastrix” as he squatted down a bit before springing off the top rung of the ladder and launching into an extreme swanton bomb landing directly onto LuLu’s chest crushing him in the process with all of his weight. The fans erupted on impact and began to chant “holy shit” at the top of their lungs.

Scott Slade: Swanton bomb! Swanton bomb!! That had to be at least from 12 feet up!!!

Kronin: Vastrix hooks the leg! ONE!! TWO!! THREE!!! It’s over!!!



Chris Rodgers: What a match! LuLu Biggs is a beaten bloody mess! Here comes Olivia Cooke now to hug her man! Her honor defended valiantly by Jeremiah! I bet someone’s getting some tonight!

Scott Slade: For love of God Chris… is sex all you think about?

Jeremiah got up onto his feet and was immediately jumped on by his longtime girlfriend Olivia who embraced him with a big hug. Rose Johnston entered the ring with a microphone in her hand as “Down Low” by R. Kelly played on the sound system. Jeremiah and Olivia began to make her their way up the steel ramp as they received a round of applause from the southern Texan’s in attendance.

Rose Johnston: The winner of this match! The sexist fucking man on the planet!! God’s gift to women around the world!!! JEREMIAH VASTRIX!!!

Kronin: Ladies and gentlemen we apologize for Ms. Johnston’s crude language. This has to be one of the best moments in Jeremiah’s career and I’m sure she is very excited for him as a close friend. A personal grudge settled, a crowd full of adoring fans, and the love a good woman by his side. I see only more big matches and even bigger accolades in Jeremiah’s future both in and outside of the ring.

Scott Slade: I couldn’t agree more Reinhardt. Fan’s I’m being told by our director that Holly Hudson is backstage with the challengers for the tag team championship match tonight. Evolution and Rayven are standing by, let’s get to Holly now!


The live feed cut to the backstage area where Holly Hudson stood next to the towering Evolution and his spunky unhinged female partner Rayven. This wasn’t your typical locker room interview setup. Mr. Mudcock had gone all out and built Ms. Hudson a set to interview the wrestlers before they head off to the main stage for their big matches. Holly had grown angry with her lack of ability to get the interviews she wanted for her new job over the past few months and had demanded Rupert stress that the wrestlers on the roster stop and speak to her before heading down to the ring. She seemed gleefully excited to finally have something to do since being forced to leave M.O.X’s news division and being involuntary assigned to the sports coverage team indefinitely.

Holly Hudson: Hello wrestling fanatics! I’m Holly Hudson here with the former Ultimate Wrestling tag team champions who’ve been at the center of controversy since arriving on the scene. Rayven you attacked Dr. Drake after your first match and Evolution you crippled Kornin Reinhardt and then attacked him again a month later in his own wheel chair no less.

Rayven began to snicker as Evolution let out a loud sigh of frustration. It was clear that the big man felt that this entire interview was a complete waste of time and the fact that his tag team partner found his annoyance amusing only made things worse. Rayven was dressed all in black and had heavy eyeliner and dark eye shadow on to match the black lipstick on her lips. Evolution as always was in his infamous reptilian Aztec costume which allowed viewers to look upon his extensive tattoo work. His face was as green as a lizards and his skin as scaly as a cobra. He furrowed his brow in irritation and then began to shout into the microphone.

Evolution: I’m sorry… was there a question somewhere in that incoherent statement your primitive mind just formed?

Holly Hudson: Yeah. What the hell is your problem?

Evolution: My problem? You want to know what my problem is!? My problem is that in this sport, like in life, only the strong survive! Kronin Reinhardt was the weak link in the chain that is the Ultimate Wrestling’s roster! He needed to be cut out for the good of the company! For the good of professional wrestling! I was only the tool that Darwinian evolution sent to carry out what was necessary, but alas I’m afraid once again evolution has called me into action.

Holly Hudson: Oh, so you think that your manipulated genetics and ignorant ideology makes you better than all of us is that it?

Evolution: Think? No. I know that I’m superior to all of you plebeians. Your kind has been going instinct slowly since the first missile dropped on Los Angeles. Soon the world will be filled with evolved beings like myself and flat scan humanoids like yourself will be slaves or just a thing of the past. Extinct! Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to perform some much needed natural selection!

Without warning Evolution grabbed the head of his own tag team partner and slammed her face into the brick wall behind Ms. Hudson. The impact rocked Rayven breaking her nose instantly which started squirting blood all over the floor as the monster repeated the action two more times. He released her to collapse on the floor unconscious with no remorse for his twisted actions. Holly shuttered in shock, frightened for her own wellbeing as she watched the blood gush from Rayvens nostrils pool on the floor.

Holly Hudson: Why did you do that!? She was your tag team partner!

Evolution: She served her purpose, but she was the primary reason why the Russians were able to defeat me and take our tag team titles. I’m afraid she failed to evolve and so she had to be disposed. Metamorphosis! Come to me my brother! Join me on this stage and introduce yourself to the people of the world! Hahaha! YES!

A large man about ten inches shorter than Evolution walked over to him wearing an Aztec style skull mask. He was very muscular and was wearing an ancient outfit with skull shoulder pads and a strange leather belt around his waist. His hair was long and as black as the night. He carried himself with a quiet sense of self confidence and his eyes never blinked.

Evolution: This will be my partner tonight against the Russians!

Metamorphosis: The time has come for Evolution and I to join forces once again! Tonight we make an example of these archaic Russians! Tonight the tag team championship belts leave with us! The most dangerous two individuals to walk the planet!

Evolution: YES! THE GOLD IS OURS!!!

Evolution by Korn began to play on the sound system inside the arena and Evolution and Metamorphosis left Holly’s set before making their way toward the main stage. EMT’s and Dr. Drake arrived on site shortly after to aid Rayvenna Tompson, A.K.A Rayven, who was still laying on the floor clearly concussed.

Holly Hudson: Guy’s their headed your way. God help us all, those psychopaths are headed toward the ring…


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