Ultimate Online Wrestling CH-9: Friday Night Clash 5!

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-Gabrielle Montgomery: https://goldvoice.club/steem/@caramelgabrielle/earning-her-bj-black-belt%0A
writing role-playing gameers in an alternaarn
To learn more about our writers characters check out these links below for their creative work. The creative writing work listed below is what results and story-line's for this show were based off of and inspired by. I could NOT write this story without there work and I highly recommend reading this work before this show for insight into the minds and lives of these characters.

Brock Abishag: https://goldvoice.club/steem/@drsummeroff/tragedy-in-the-compoundJeremiah Vastrix: https://goldvoice.club/steem/@vastrix/war-of-lightning-and-thunderDwight Couch: https://goldvoice.club/steem/@dwightcouchch whiskey which ld-is-now-new-return-of-the-legendTakuma Sato: https://goldvoice.club/steem/@ultimatewrestlin/the-strings-of-fate-and-fortune-the-takuma-sato-story-chapket downturn thafor contributing to the story by writing roleplay's for their characters who are booked in matches once a month.
If you wET DOWN 10’000 POIn more about Ultimate Wrestling or join as a character writer check out our discord: https://disc:** Look, my chil
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Our scene opens inside the office of Rupert Mudcock inside his New York business building in Manhattan. With him is Vice President of Operations Robert Elitistios. Both men are going over the financial records of Ultimate Wrestling. Rupert is smoking his trademark Cuban cigar and they are both enjoying a glass of Bourbon.
Robert: We took a big blow with Ultra Slam, but it’s nothing a man like yourself can’t absorb.
Rupert: Of course you idiot, but that doesn’t make it sting any less. Rob Riot and his cronies ridiculed me without hesitation at the country club last weekend. The event was a failure and it’s that Blob Cults fault! Mark my words they will pay dearly for it!
Suddenly the phone on Rupert's desk rings and he reaches over and presses the speaker phone button.
Rupert: Yes Ms. Jones?
Ms. Jones: Sir, you’re not going to believe this but…
Rupert: Let me guess President McStrump is on the phone and wants another favor?
Ms. Jones: No sir, it’s Emperor Kim Jong-Un of North Korea.
Rupert: What? How on earth did he get this phone number?
Robert: Sir, I believe North Korea has some of the greatest hackers on the planet. They say no information is safe from them.
Rupert: Bah! Put him on the phone Ms. Jones! Let’s see what “Rocket Man” wants with us!
A few moments later...
Kim Jong-Un: Mr. Mudcock! I am big fan of big time wrestling show!
Rupert: Ah well I…Thank you Mr. Un… that’s very kind of you. How can I help the Emperor today?
Kim Jong-Un: My nephew bwirthday in swix weeks! He love Ultimate Wrestling! He BWIG TIME SATO fan! I demand you come to North Korea for Pay Per View event! You and your fwighters honored guest!
Rupert: Mr. Un you are aware of the relations between our current nations. Such a request could never be possible with the current climate. I apologize, but we will not be able to accommodate this request.
Kim Jong-Un: Oooh! Twhat’s too bad. I was going to gwive you twenty million dwollar for show. My nephew will be very disappointed…
Rupert and Roberts eyes open up extremely wide when they hear the figure thrown out by the Emperor.
Rupert: Tell you what Kim. President McStrump and I go way back. Let me speak with him and perhaps something can be arranged.
Kim Jong-Un: Fwantasntic! Thank you for your conswiderations Mr. Mudcock! Good day sir!
*The scene ends with Rupert and Robert smiling at one another giddy with the prospect of making twenty million dollars from a single show.Ultimate will be back...

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