Dark Sato Rising Ch. 4: War On The Streets


Takuma Sato is a member of the Ultimate Wrestling roster and a martial arts savant trained by his father since the age of 5 in the famous style of Jeet Kune Do. Sato joined Ultimate Wrestling after his father’s suicide to try to raise enough money to save their family home from being foreclosed on. Due to many complications, Sato failed to save the house and his mother disappeared back to her home country of Japan with leaving no clue as to her whereabouts. Recently Sato’s life outside of wrestling has become even more complex due to his recruitment into the Rebels of Society by Ares Metaxas. The Rebels are an extremist leftist group with a modernized socialist ideology based on the teachings of the German philosopher Karl Marx. After defacing the Detroit McStrump Hotel in protest to the sitting POTUS, the group now is focusing in on their next mission to continue their fight against the extreme “Alternative Right” agenda and the social injustices plaguing America.


Takuma stood in the basement bar of a Detroit Rebel owned hideout surrounded by other R.O.S members and their leader Ares Metaxas who had recruited them. The group was circled around a large wooden tabletop that was being supported by six bourbon whiskey barrels. On top of the table sat a large military sand map of the United States with little pawn pieces representing different political organized factions, militia groups, and hubs housing radical racist hate groups who the Rebels considered hostile U.S. native-born terrorists and their mortal enemies. Ares had a long metal instrument in his hands that he was using to push pieces around on the map to explain to everyone what the current status of the country was looking like. Suddenly Metaxas pointed to Kentucky with a stern look on his face.

Ares: We’ve done some great work here in Detroit and I’m really proud of everyone. That orange fat fucking fascist is having a fucking nervous breakdown according to our insiders in Washington thanks to that stunt we pulled with the McStrump Hotel. They reported back to me that he refused to come out of the oval office for the entire day and then was hospitalized for some reason.

Takuma: Serves him right.

Ares: However our work is never done. I’ve gotten word from our allies in Antifa that a major white nationalist hate group plans to march on the Confederate monument in Brandenburg, Kentucky to protest its removal. According to them, some of the most influential leaders of hate groups around the country plan to attend this rally. Now Kentucky also happens to conveniently be the site for the next Ultimate Wrestling show which means Takuma will already be down there for his big fight against Ms. Salinas.

Takuma: What do you need from me?

Ares: We have to strike these racist assholes when they come out of the woodwork like this. Free speech is an American right, but hate speech has no place in our America. I need you to lead a squadron of Rebel of Society members into the danger zone to provide protection for the Anti-Fascist counter-protest group that plans to crack some skulls. If any of those racist shit stains gain the upper hand I need you to do what you do best and open up a can of whoop-ass so brutal that they spend the next 3 months in a hospital bed reconsidering their belief system and their life choices!

Sato slammed his fist into his palm and cracked his knuckles aggressively. The art stunt they had pulled in Detroit was okay, but artistic symbolism wasn’t really why he’d joined the R.O.S. He wanted to fight against racism and the injustices of the corrupt class system in America. This was the first mission he’d been assigned from Ares that would finally utilize his special skill set and also put him front and center in a leadership role.

Takuma: I won’t let you down Ares.

Ares: I know you won’t buddy. This is right up your ally. The strong protecting the weak. Fighting the evil consuming this world head-on with that fist of yours. I only wish I could be there with you, but I, unfortunately, have received some disturbing news from the border. Our spies inside these I.C.E detention centers are giving me all sorts of sickening intelligence. I have to go down there and investigate it myself, but if it’s as bad as it sounds we may be faced with some tough choices in the coming weeks.

Sato nodded. He’d heard some strange reports on some of the non-mainstream liberal news media websites, but there wasn’t really any evidence to back up the claims people were making. Whatever was happening had Ares concerned enough that he was skipping the conflict in Kentucky, so Takuma knew it had to be pretty bad. Ares Metaxas was not the type of man who sat back and let others execute his orders.

Ares: You’ll be meeting my Russian buddy Nikolia who I believe you met during your prison time in Livingston Texas.

Sato: That old dude with the Santa Clause beard? Yeah, he helped me fight off some skinheads who wanted me dead.

Ares: Hah! Sounds like something he’d do… Anyway, he’ll be introducing you to the rest of the team on the ground. The rest of you here are remaining in Detroit. I need you on the streets spreading our ideology and recruiting anyone you can. Understand?

The rest of the red vest contingent nodded before Ares dismissed them from their strategy session. It was clear they were all extremely tired and running off the adrenaline rush of the past few days. As they filed toward the door and made their way up the basement steps Ares turned to Sato who had taken a seat on an old wooden crate. Ares pulled out a pack of cigarettes with a lighter and lit up a square before taking a seat across from Sato on an old turned over rusty mop bucket.

Ares: Do me a favor…

Sato: What’s that?

Ares: Try not to get yourself killed out there…

{Scene fades to black}

Kentucky: I-71 South Bound to Brandenburg

30 some odd hours until Friday Night Clash 12

Sato roared down the highway doing well over 50 miles per hour above the speed limit on his Kawasaki Ninja motorbike. As he weaved in and out of traffic dangerously he found himself lost in thought over what had transpired and what was about to unfold. The sun had gone down about an hour ago and the full moon hung in the sky like a bad omen. He’d been rushing down south from Detroit to make up for lost time after an argument with his girlfriend Amber.

“Maybe Amber is right… maybe I’m becoming reckless and too cavalier since I joined the Rebels of Society, but she hasn’t been on the brunt end of the corruption like I have. She doesn’t understand why I’m fighting this fight or why it’s so personal for me. She’s angry with me losing the tag team titles to Evolution and Rayven, but it’s not like Abbigail put up much a fight against them either. Maybe I am too distracted, but wrestling pays the bills, it doesn’t help make the world a better place. What I do with the Rebels makes a difference in the world. That’s important to me…”

Takuma changed lanes abruptly and moved over to the off-ramp for Brandenburg. It was a warm summer night and Takuma had chosen to leave this leather jacket back in Detroit. All he had on was his helmet and a black t-shirt, gloves, and jeans. As he slowed the bike down he felt the rush of the wind die down and his shirt come to a rest as he stopped at the red light in front of him he once again found himself lost in deep thought.

“It doesn’t help that I’m going up against Valora tomorrow night for the submission specialist championship. Amber knows how dangerous of an opponent Valora can be and she knows I broke my hand fighting her last year at Ultra Slam. I thought I had her dead to rights and ended up putting my fucking fist through the ring mat. I’d never tell her in person, but she’s the only one left on the roster that I truly fear, of course, I’m probably not alone. Valora had been at the top of wrestling for years and for what she’s lost in athletic ability due to old age, she makes up for it through sheer violence. I know that once I’m done here in Brandenburg I’m going to have to turn 100% of my attention to figuring out a way of making that crazy Latina tap out…”

Takuma’s thought process was interrupted as he bore witness to hundreds of white nationalists marching through the streets carrying lit torches. At first, the hateful Nazi protest group was only making animalistic grunting noises to intimidate innocent bystanders looking on and some of the brave individuals willing to shout at them to go home were being roughed up. However as Sato slowed his bike and came to stop at the top of a hill he heard the torch-carrying fascist begin to scream “One Nation, One People, End Immigration” and “You Will Not Replace Us” being chanted over and over again.

Sato: What the fuck…

Sato shook his head in disbelief and revved up his bike before hightailing it too where he had been instructed by Ares to meet Nikolia and the leader of Antifa Dominque Prince. His heart began to race as he realized that a far larger number of Nazi fascists had shown up for the march most likely thanks to President McStrump making them feel empowered through his racist rhetoric and anti-immigration policies. The smell of torch fluid burning stung Sato’s nose even through his helmet as he finally caught a glimpse of his red vest brothers and some well-geared Antifa members who had gathered some two football fields away from the Confederate monument that was now surrounded by white nationalist and counter-protestors screaming slurs at them.

Sato pulled up to a sudden halt and shut his motorbike off before getting off of it and walking toward the rotund Russian with the large white beard. He was surrounded by fellow Rebels and high ranking Antifa members. Their leader Dominque was a larger African American man with a cleanly shaved head and a large dark black beard. He like pretty much everyone else was dressed in black with a large letter a patch sewn into his shirt pocket. He was carrying a large metal pipe in his right hand and looked as if he meant to use it. As Sato walked up to the group Dominque smiled at him and nodded.

Dominque: So this is the muscle Ares sent us? I’ve seen you fight on television, my Asian American brother. We’re going to need some of that ferocity tonight. I hope you’re ready to bring it.

Nikolia: I’ve seen him handle himself during my run in Prison. Comrade Sato knows how to dispose of Nazi scum! Isn’t that right Taku?

Sato nodded and Nikolia put his large arm around him before welcoming him into the leadership circle. The group was surrounded by a combined 300 men and women from both groups and every one of them looked ready for a fight. Many had brought masks with filters built in to nullify tear gas and were carrying weapons ranging from baseball bats, crowbars, and large metal chains. Mostly everyone had their face covered in one way or another. Dominque climbed up onto the hood of a large black van and then onto its roof to address his troops.

Dominque: Alright so they outnumber us 3 to 1, but we have the advantage as they are only expecting normal counter-resistance protestors. They won’t know what hit them before it’s too late! Many of you may be hurt! A lot of us may get arrested for what we do tonight by the useless Police who sit idly by allowing these Nazi scum to take to our streets! But you will all rest easy knowing that you did not allow Nazi’s to come into your town and preach hate! You will rest easy knowing you fought them head-on like our grandfathers before us during World War 2!

The Rebels and Antifa members raised their clubs in the air and let out a roar like something out of the large gang gathering scene from 1979 classic “The Warriors”. It was clear to Sato that this was going to get real violent real fast. He knew that the likelihood of him coming out of this skirmish hundred percent was out the window. Valora would without a doubt have the advantage during the fight the following night if he made it out alive.

Dominque: Our goal here is to find their leaders Dick Fencer and Bobby Buke! If we can take them out we cut off the head and unlike Hydra, two more will not grow back in their place! The Nazis are weak! The Nazis will fear us! Fascists only speak one language and that language is violence! Tonight the Nazis will feel great pain as we communicate our repulsion to their sick ideology!

The crowd around Sato roared again and before he knew it they were marching into position to charge into the white nationalist torch-carrying marchers surrounding the old Confederate statue. A row of 15 police officers dressed in riot gear was the only thing that stood between them and the Nazi’s being heckled by the normal counter-protestors who would soon be innocent bystanders. It was clear even the police had underestimated the Nazi numbers that would be attending and were woefully underprepared. Nikolia handed Sato a black gas mask and instructed him to put it on just as their small group of 300 finally reached the exact strategic spot Dominque wanted. Then without even the slightest hesitation, he pointed his steel pipe at the confederate monument and they rushed it with pure fury in their hearts from forty yards out.

The R.O.S and Antifa members crashed through the Brandenburg police department like a stampede of elephants and knocked them down onto the ground trampling them in the process. The white nationalist were so busy chanting there racist rhetoric that they were completely blindsided by them as the anti-fascist group slammed into them with devastating aggressive force. The sounds of bones breaking and skulls cracking echoed throughout the monument park as the Nazis were punished brutally many being seriously injured with the first few minutes of the coordinated attack. Once the initial shock of the surprise attacked had worn off many of the white nationalists began to use their torches as weapons to fight back.

As the white nationalist numbers grew Sato began to unleash an onslaught of blows taking numerous Nazis like something out of a good kung fu movie. Taku showed no remorse as he crippled limbs, broke necks, and stopped hearts in the blink of an eye. With everyone from both sides either dead or injured on the ground around the Monument the Brandenburg police officers still able to stand got to their feet and began firing tear gas into the chaos. This only seemed to affect the white nationalist as most of the Rebels and Antifa members were prepared for this eventual inevitability. With their backs against the wall, those armed began to fire at the attacking anti-fascists with no concern for human life what so ever. To them, they were communist foreign scum, sub-human, unworthy of their empathy.

With things clearly escalating to a horrific level, police reinforcements were called in and arrived within seconds. The park around the confederate monument was an absolute warzone and most of the people at ground zero including Sato could barely see out of the tear gas smoke and flashing police lights. Sato tripped over a body and then realized it was Nikolia. The big Russian American immigrant had been shot in the shoulder and was bleeding out on the pavement. Sato’s survival instincts were screaming to leaving him behind and make a run for it, however, he remembered how Nikolia had helped him in prison, and instantly he used all of his strength to help the big 300 pound Russian up onto his feet.

Nikolia: Thank you comrade, but I suggest that you leave me behind and save yourself. You are far more important than I am in the grand scheme of things.

Sato: Shut up and keep going. We got to get the fuck out of this shit before we wind up dead or arrested!

Nikolia: We’ve accomplished our mission comrade Sato. The Nazis as devastated and I’m sure I saw Bobby Buke's last living moments! The mission is a success, I am expendable. Save yourself, comrade! This is but a flesh wound!

Sato: I’m not leaving you behind to end up in prison again. Now move it!

The two R.O.S members made their way out of the smoke and carnage and made it back to where the black van had been parked. Sato opened the door and found the key’s in the ignition before pulling them out and tossing them to Nikolia.

Sato: The rest aren’t going to get out of there before the cops pin them down and even if they do I doubt they're making their way back here. Take the van and get to where ever Ares told to go once this thing was over.

Nikolia: What about you comrade? I won’t leave you behind after you saved me.

Sato: Me? I’m taking the bike…

Nikolia nodded and the two Rebels parted ways.

To be continued in Friday Night Clash 12!

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