Earn INVITE Tokens With Steem Ninja

If you have been on Steemit for a while you will know that there are two ways to create an account. You can simply Sign Up and wait for 2-4 weeks to get an "Account Successfully Created" email, or you can pay some steem to get your account created instantly.

Thanks to recent updates to the platform code, everyone now knows why the signup process is so tedious. It is because creating new accounts requires Resource Credits(RC).

Basically when a new account is created, someone in the network is delegating it some steem to operate (effectively giving it life) and sometimes the general RC pool is low.

Steem miners(called witnesses) and accounts with huge SP(invested steem holdings) can afford the Resource Credits requirement to create accounts en-masse.

Steem Ninja has come up with different approaches such as Opening your new account with your Credit Card, a very rewarding Airdrop and Referral Program to boost activity.

A few days ago, the Invite Token was announced. INVITE is a Steem-Engine token which can be used to buy accounts from STEEM Ninja Invite Tool.


Like I said earlier, accounts with huge Steem Power(SP) have sufficient Resource Credits to create new accounts. This means most accounts cannot create new accounts as their SPs aren't high enough.

Steem Ninja rewards you with Invite Tokens(INV). And when you have enough, you can cash them in to create a new account. Pretty neat right?

According to their announcement page,

• Payouts will happen every 7 days into your Steem-Engine wallet with the number of INVITE tokens you earn in the week.
• We are starting by giving 300 accounts per 7 day period. If you delegate to @steem.ninja you get a portion of the 300 accounts that week depending on how much you delegated in proportion to other delegations.

You can always checkout the next payout date on the timer present at https://invite.steem.ninja/

Invite Token


Earning INVITE tokens are very simple.
Just visit the Steem ninja website - https://invite.steem.ninja/
A delegation tool has already been created. Click on Delegate Now

Steen Ninja Delegation

Put in your steem username and click Show Available STeem Power

Your Steem Power sill be displayed and you can choose how much you want to delegate to Steem Ninja, then click on Delegate

You will be redirected to SteemConnect to confirm your delegation by signing with your keys.



When you have succesfully gotten enough INVITE tokens, you can decide to use them to create accounts. The Redeem process is pretty straightfoward.

First go to the Steem Invite Page and click on Create Instant Account with INVITE.

Enter your username and click on Check INVITE Balance

If you have sufficient INVITE balance you can click on Pay With Keychain to create your new account.

To learn more about this project, kindly visit Steem Ninja Page on Steemit.
To delegate, visit the Steem Ninja INVITE page


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