First Power Up in support #club5050


Doing Power Up for the first time in terms of supporting tags echoed by the Steemit team is one of my ways to maintain the steem ecosystem. As we know that the current economy is quite difficult, even in terms of doing this Power Up, many people find it very difficult, including me to do it because there are so many people out there who depend on the income they earn to boost the economy and do things. sales of their income.

Before doing Power Up my steem was really very little, but even so I had to keep doing #powerup and today I did it with the amount of steem I have is 5,006 steem. After I did a Power Up Steem Power is currently 9,978 steem.

Even though it's still very small right now, I am committed to always supporting the #club5050 tag so that my account will one day become stronger and become an independent account. My goal in the next few days is to reach more than 100,000 Steem Power, to see proof of my support for #club5050 and even #club100

You all can check my wallet as below:



Screenshot before Power Up


Screenshot after Power Up


Wallet history

Hopefully this first Power Up will be a blessing for me and for sure in the future I will continue to support the #club5050 tag and will always do Power Up.

I also want to thank all my friends who have supported me, and also thank the steemit team profusely for supporting all steemit platform users both who support and choose #club5050

Thank you.
Cc. @pensif | @steemchiller | @heriadi | @irawandedy | @klen.civil | @sofian88 |

Greetings from me @ulfillah

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Mantap kakak terus lakukan power up sukses terus kakak
program campaign : #club5050 #club75 #club100 #worldsmileproject50pc

10.11.2021 15:47

Terima kasih abg🙏

10.11.2021 23:30

@ulfillah sama-sama

10.11.2021 23:31