More tea Gromit? Buying my first coloured silver coin.


I love Wallace and Gromit and when I saw this I just had to go to the RoyalMint website and order it.


If cost £65 for this coin, which is a lot for a 50 pence coin, but I just think it looks so quirky and fun, plus the films make me laugh that I had to splash out.



I don't know if 25000 is a lot of coins, but when I see that millions of normal 50ps are made, it looks to be a little amount.


So W&G are 39yrs old. It only seems like the other day that they first came out. You can tell you're getting old when the 1990s seems like only yesterday.


Should hopefully have mine by the weekend and I'll show it off when it gets here.

Thank you

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29.10.2019 11:45

Cool coin man. I've got a Wallace and Gromit fan in my life that would love that thing.

29.10.2019 14:09