Achievement 2 - Basic steem security by @ukpeinyang

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Hello dear Steem,

To continue with the work of achievements today I will develop a series of guiding questions that explain how to take care of our accounts and how to use some functions of our wallet.

Have you obtained and saved all your Steemit passwords?

I received my passwords when I created my account and saved them very securely.

Do you know all the functions and restrictions of the keys?

The keys of our account fulfill various functions which are:


(1). Tron account key.
a. Tron public key (tron address).
b. Tron private key.

(2). Steemit private keys.
a. Private posting key.
b. Private memo key.
c. Private active key.
d. Private owner key.

(3). Master key

(4). Steemit public keys.
a. Posting public.
b. Memo public.
C. Active public.
d. Owner public.

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  1. Tron public key(tron address): used for transfers. The public key is the address you send to get tokens.
  2. Tron private key : this private key had the highest Authority on your account. It is used for singing transaction's of tron. Such as transferring tokens, freezing and voting.
  3. Private posting key: used for login to steemit, posting, commenting and voting.
  4. Private memo key: used for decryption of private transfer memos.

5: private active key: used for monetary and wallet related such as transferring tokens or powering stem up and down.

6: private owner key: this key is used to reset all other keys. I recommend, It should be keep offline at all times. If your account is compromised, use this key to recover it within 30days by login into steemit site.

  1. Master password: this key is used to generate all your strength keys.

All passwords should be save on any cloud account or google. That's how I save mine.

Picture of a cloud storage.

How to transfer: yes I know, how to transfer; all you need to do is get second party's steem user account address and use your private active key to make the transfer.

How to power up your steem: login into your wallet go to streem account click on power up input your steem active key to power up.


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Keep your keys and stay safe in steemit. Congrats.

13.10.2021 12:00