how many calorie in egg

Calorie; It is the energy needed for our body to function and is located close to all foods. Excess calories are stored in the body fat, and therefore causes obesity. In order not to lose weight, we need to be careful to take as much calories as our body needs. The amount of calories to be taken varies depending on the person's age, sex and the energy spent during the day. The vital organs of our body require at least 1000-1400 calories per day to function properly. We need to pay attention to the calories we take for our health. Therefore, it is important to know the calorie value of foods.

how many calorie in egg

How many calories in an egg ?
- Raw egg whites: 15 calories

-Raw egg yolks: 65 calories

- 1 boiled egg: 80 calories

- 1 oil cooked eggs: 115 calories

According to this calculation, 1 boiled egg at breakfast is around 80 calories. Other foods we eat for breakfast; 1 slice of white bread 90 calories, 100 grams cheese 275 calories, 100 grams salami 446 calories and 100 grams of sausage is 452 calories. In this case, eggs are the lowest calorie food eaten in the morning at breakfast.

Eggs are not only among breakfast cereals, but also have the lowest calories among most foods we consume. For example; 1 banana 100 calories, 100 grams of popcorn 478 calories, 100 grams of biscuits 470 calories, 100 grams of chicken grill 132 calories, 100 grams of steak grilled 278 calories and 100 grams of yogurt is 95 calories. Once you know how many calories the egg has, it turns out that it has lower calories than most foods. Egg, which is an alternative to most foods in terms of protein, vitamins and minerals, continues to be an indispensable food source in terms of calories it contains.

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