Effects of masturbation

This story is a true life story.

When I was a young lad, I often heard rumors about how sex could trigger someone sense of unsatisfactory burning desires; that is to say the more you try it the more you want more (like Oliver Twist).

This story is centerd on an event that happened to a friend of mine when we where teenagers, Tunji as he is been called. When we were in high school I and Tunji will be running around the school premises calling our selves names like the way teenagers normally do. Tunji will be telling me about one of his neighborhood girl friend Tope who always wine her waist and makes him to loose control of his self, sometimes I wonder the kind of lad he is that always get lost easyly by a Mair twisting of waist.
He will tell me that am still a small boy, that am missing alot on the actions, I will act as if I don't know what he is talking about.

One faithful month new teacher's where posted in my school they happened to be Corp members and 3 of them were lady's and 2 were men. During their introduction at the school assembly ground Tunji totally lost control of his self, by dragging me down my cloth if am seeing anything I told him I only see 5 new Corp members posted in Our school he kept quit.

After the assembly two of those teachers were assigned to our class, after they were reintroduced to our class Tunji started vibrating his self. I asked him what the matter was he told me its nothing before I knew it, he ran outside to our school toilet in my mind I thought he went to urinate or wants to shit. Until about 5mins I noticed he is taking long to come out 10mins later here he comes looking calme. I asked him What was the mater he told me that he was heavily pressed I never knew what was going on.

One evening about 2 weeks later, we were about to dismiss school for the day, here comes our teacher calling Tunji to go and get here a maker; for our assignment to written in the board he went to get it but he was taking long and my teacher became worrid she then pointed at me to go fetch it myself on my way to the principals office here is Tunji reflection I immediately went in to find out what was going on, boom to my surprise Tunji was holding his penis and stimulating it and gasping for breath I shouted wow what's happening to you immediately he was shocked and pulls his dick back to his short trouser.

That was when I knew that masturbation is very addictive and can affect once sense of reasoning.

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