The story industry has been around for decades now and its significance has drawn this level of concentration on it such that we hope it gets improved or be inline with the recent developments in technology. The blockchain has been supportive to a wide range of companies, sectors as well as organizations but yet to cross the story content world. This is what lead to the need for its digitization. This projects however concerns the current and functional stakeholders of the industry, lie the story creators and those who consume the works. Now with Storichain, we will know how far the ledger chain and its functionaries can go in it.

Before we can talk about what this project will do for the industry, it is necessary to check the state of this industry so as to know the limitations, or problems that has combatted it for so long. With that we can appreciate the solutions of storichain. In the world of story contents, so many illegal contents has been given off for sale and to be used without proper checks or making it pass the necessary scrutiny. Many have then resorted to stealing contents from the originators illegally and using it for their own commercial gains of which shouldn't be. There are some other forms of misappropriation of contents that has reduced the level of trust of the producers and also those who consume it. Now tje Storichain project is made to secure this niche through the introduction lf ledger chain tech which of course will bring development. This is the only way something different can spring forth from the sector. Storichain is an Innovation that aims at coordinating the entire use, production and spread of contents globally. This will be done systematically in a way that the entire stakeholders will be concerned and involved. The system will help keep the records of the contents and all the information that need to be known about them. Now values will be discovered and added to this industry as different contributions are made and values are added to aid the improvement. The activity metrics will be well defined as it should be without corruption of any sort. This will then promote the profit generation and how those involved will get their profits. The perfect distrubution of these profit will be ensured with the platform, motivating story writers and eliminating the need for middlemen function that has dealt badly with the industry.
The token allocation is already set for the tokens to be distributed the way it should as planned. The token is ticked TORI, meant for utility and is very useful for all transactional purposes in the platform. The on chain operations are taken care of with the designed smartcontracts and the ERC 20 TORI. All the services done in here would be done with the TORI token including voting which of course is necessary. This is a perfect way to optimize the system and the app it provides. There is basically the amount of the token that will be given off as an initial supply i.e 4 billion making that the initial token given off at first with just one of the TORI token having a value of around 0.0035 US dollar. Similarly, several millions will be given off for sale at different periods as determined in the roadmap. This project possesses different dApps and is also on an MVP phase for renewal. In a year time, it would be fully formed with nothing holdinh back or preventing it from taking over the industry.


All the needed smartcontracts are going to be implemented as the needs demands them to be so as to establish great contracts between the creators of the contents and the users. This platform will not be limited by any circumstances whatsoever as it has all the essential Protocols in place and is strategically setting them at the right positions to make a difference. With all these done, we will see the end of the challenges in this industry and welcome a new story world that is very transparent and developed.

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