A masternode is very important to mining but so many platform have not come to realize this yet. Many times it exists as a digital wallet with details of the ledger chain in it. They can either keep the details of a transaction or receiving rewards into them. This platform called localcoin is providing all of its traders with masternode, seeing the need and benefit to have them mine that LLC token so that they can all contribute their support to the system. Localcoin making this possible is helping itself, users and the massive ledger chain network also.

The masternode introduced by localcoin are helpful in several ways that the existing exchanges have been blinded to. It plays a great role in the tasks done because it enables faster operations execution. Masternodes in localcoin is relevant in the treasury and budgeting in localcoin. It supports and improve on the privacy of deals that takes place between two parties and also contribute to the voting system.
The masternode brings the proof of stake Algorithm into use, underpinning it and processing operation on the ledger chain. The participating nodes can be selected at random for rewards that should be given to each node for the role they play in the network.

Localcoin has greater features like;
A zero trading fee for all traders which reliefs them of the commission fees that they mostly cannot avoid.
The only fees users will pay in this network is the fixed fees in the network for their activities to be recorded on the ledger chain.
There is high performance in localcoin platform. It can scale very high and control many thousands of tasks within seconds with the type of innovation involved. This is a needed for the exchange operations.

The localcoin trading terminal has a white label software that should be used for trading. This software is very customizable by users and already has its unique white identity.
User don't necessarily have to get the programming skills to operate on it as it is a friendly platform with a very accessible dashboard.
The platform controls all the online trading operations, allowing the traders to use their skills to stimulate whatsoever trading type they want. Any skills used are highly welcome, infact novice traders will get more enlightment about the process.
Localcoin app is very simple and understandable. It represents a fully decentralised structure and have successfully solve the problem of lack of use for the DEX users. This platform has all what is needed to distrupt the poor services of the Industry.

The transaction between two users start through the submission of a buy or sell request to a relayer that has the order book. Once the other party signs it, another order is created and signed digitally. At once the tasks can be executed with smartcontracts while users remains in control of their assets at all time. Localcoin therefore is reliable and will sustain its good quality for as long as the ledger chain remains from generation to generation.

Website: https://localcoin.is/
Whitepaper: https://localcoin.is/downloads/LocalCoinBlockchain.pdf
Wallet: https://wallet.localcoin.is/
Bitcointalk Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5125670
Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/vzxSzYNj
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