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The use of IP in our world today has made it so imperative to create such a platform as this that would help improve the way they are distrubuted and how the creators are being rewarded. Over the past years, the sector has faced some serious challenges of security that has weighed the creators down. Apart from that, these IPs are traded also but in a special way. Luckily for the creators, there is a new platform to protect the ownership of IP authors and design a flexible market for them to have all the operations done. The new network is COLLETRIX.

This project is introducing a convenient solution to those that are inclined with the IP sector that is the users of the goods and the creators. The team has a great attitude towards it and have deployed all the digital tools on the blockchain to the advantage of the stakeholders. This digital company called colletrix ia futuristic about its innovation that has team members from all of us the different top brands in the world. It has the aim of providing seizable protection that will restore the perfection in the IP market and how its merchandise is done. It will add value to the system through its ability to revolutionize the industry as a whole. The tokenization model will make the difference and will establish a smooth relationship between the consumers of IP and the creators that keep producing them on daily basis. The support of the team will take this project far and improve the industry to a great extent. It has the support of the Bitwork Accelerator that helps the company to further adopt the ledger tech to become stronger in its features and the role it plays. However, all other brands it works with also have their specific function in the project. While one like the Animoca brand helps to utilize the blockchain well for all of such operations in the IP industry, some facilitate the protection of the owners right and the availability of of products for the consumers. The team keep working together and strengthening the ecosystem such that the merchandising is done smoothly in it.

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It focuses on the participants and make them have a conducive environment where they can connect effortlessly when they want to deal or interact about any goods. It also make sure the best services are provided when solicited for by the consumers or any other user.
IP authors are provided with smartcontracts to use and a dependable way of converting their contents into assets when the need arises. Their works will easy get tokenized and they would have access to the security of the system. They can have easy access to the licensing fees when they sell any of their commodity and to trace the operation won't be difficult.
The consumers patronizing the authors will be sure to get the authentic contents that is rightly owned and payment would be made in the token for any of such transactions. This project will help many artist get rewards from what they derive pleasure in doing and this form of Innovation will serve as a motivation for them to keep on providing such contents that will keep shaping the industry. The authors too will be able to bring forth new ideas and business opportunitiss that will make the consumers expectant of what might come next in tge industry.

Sellers and authors will work together and agree on how much the contents can be distrubuted such that both of them are not at loss. This is the perfect approach that will be introduced to the content world where many artist belong. As the project is applied, many more advantages will spring out to the game community and many more.
Two different types of tokens are used in this ecosystem, they are the CIPX token which is an ERC20 model and a second token which is the ERC-721 token i.e the NFT. Their functions differs in the platform and they are both very important for the consumers and authors to hold as they use the colletrix project.


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