Bamboo powers the accessibility of insurance by pooling contributing experts on an enormous blockchain infrastructure using technologies to provide ingenious and boundless revolutionary healthcare, with the purpose of eradicating the lacuna in health security.
The insurance sector is bedeviled with risk and fraudulent activities, including the pollution of the food-supply chain. Bamboo uses blockchain technology to solve all of these. The health-associated risks people face by reason of the food and drinks they take is unimaginable. Bamboo will trace the source of these products, eliminating any potential risk involved in taking them. An example is the discovery of pesticides in lettuce that had already been sold to people as packaged food. Bamboo would have brought exposure to this problem, thus saving lives and money.


The intriguing aim of the architecture is to provide insurance for all by developing a trustworthy and lasting architecture for giving people power to have a better healthcare.
The focus of "The Bamboo Wellness Ecosystem" includes the following:

  1. Making possible cheap and alternate apparatuses for access to insurance.
  2. Enhancing the access to data, improving how transparent and reliable such data is by employing unalterable blockchain databases. The result of this is that insurance firms will be able to develop policies that very pocket-friendly and flexible on the premise of quality data.
  3. Using "Archipelago's" conventional operational proficiency as the means for carrying out the implementations of planned techs in order for the wider ecosystem of healthcare providers, local insurance firms, specialists, users, including all other groups that comprise the food-supply chain will all benefit.
  4. Eliminating traditional that continually serve as obstacles to the distribution of "smart health care", substituting them with smooth-running, functional and modern technologies that.
    The architecture takes advantage of a "business partner model" to power health via data analytics. It will be of immense benefit to several parties, such as individuals, health centres or hospitals, insurance providers and consumers.


1) Narrowing of the health security divide, while increasing the coverage of protection.
2) Eradication of mendacious data and claims.
3) Effective management of the increasing healthcare cost.
4) Elimination of labels on drinks and food that are not ethical.
5) Prevention of several health conditions.
6) Empowerment of consumers with total charge of their health.
7) Early detection and treatment of diseases like elevated blood sugar and blood pressure.


The infrastructure has its proprietary token that has several use. It can be used for:

  1. Making purchases from retails in the architecture.
  2. Trading on Bamboo-listed exchanges.
  3. Obtaining discounts in fitness outlets within the platform.
  4. Obtaining discounts for premium transactions.

For a long period of time (almost incalculable), the gap in health security has been stretching further and further. There's no better time than now for all major participants of the health sector to ride on the waves of the digital era. The size of the difficulty the health industry faces cannot be ignored because the effects are far-reaching, affecting all areas of the economy and society at large. Both the developing and developed nations of the world have a share of his humongous challenge.
Bamboo holds the promise of a more efficient health care management. Participants of the network are duly bent on redefining conventional healthcare methods and finding new mechanisms for sustainability. The infrastructure will bring to the fore amazing solutions, and re-shape the current methods of the industry.
With individuals becoming more interested in their personal health, Bamboo’s initiative of improved healthcare delivery continously receives a huge boost and acceptance. It is the solution for now and the future.


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