Blockchain projects need enough funds before they can continue to the last stage. That is the idea behind Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) whereby cryptocurrency tokens and coins would be issued to the investors. In exchange for the funds from the investors, the platform or project raising the funds can then issue crypto tokens to the investors.

Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs) are dedicated cryptocurrency fundraising processes. The primary challenge with the models is the inability to get immediate access into digital asset trading platforms at the end of the fundraising processes. The only few opportunities that come their way to list their crypto tokens, they would have to pay higher fees to achieve that.
There is also the higher amount or investment expected of the investors. The shorter timeframe for investments and the inability of the investors to determine if the project is making headway.

Initial Model Offering (IMO) can replace the models presented by ICOs and IEOs. Among the many features it offers are the reduction of expenses, the direct listing of crypto tokens/coins, as well as the flexible timeframe for projects.
• Guaranteed Listing on IMO Exchange
Investors and projects have the guarantee that IMO would bring their crypto tokens and coins on board immediately the fundraising process is over. That is made possible because of the interoperability that exists between IMO and the IMO Exchange. On the one hand, IMO is the primary architecture that supports the entirety of projects that intend using the Initial Model Offering (IMO) approach to raise funds.
Because of the interoperability that exists between the platform (IMO) and the IMO Exchange (IMOEX), it becomes projects that just rounded up their fundraising processes to list the crypto tokens and coins on the IMO Exchange. That would in turn, ensure that the crypto tokens and coins are trading as soon as they hit the market. Also, it helps to save the platform some money because they wouldn’t pay higher fees for their digital assets to be listed on the exchange.
• Longer Pre-Sale Period
IMO ensures that the duration of investments would be extended a bit. The point is that the funds can then be raised for many months at the intervals of three months.
• Maximum Purchase Amount
Unlike the conventional non-restrictions on the funds to be raised, IMO ensures that investors would have specific amount to invest. Ideally, the pre-sale limitation is pegged at $1,000 per investor.
• Locked Tokens
It is time to control the flow of funds. IMO has created a model whereby the investors wouldn’t have access to all their funds or investments during the pre-sale period. Interestingly, the formulation is that only 10% of the raised funds would be released to each investor. That said, the platform took the notch higher to lock or hold the remaining 90% of the investments of each individual.
On the other hand, the unlocking of the other crypto tokens and coins is subject to the condition that the previous investors that participated during the fundraising (IMO) period would refer others to join the platform.

Initial Model Offering (IMO) has now proven to be an excellent method of investing in digital assets/cryptocurrencies. So, take a cue from the advantages in the IMO platform to make sure you don’t lose more crypto tokens in the highly volatile crypto market.

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