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Genesis Vision

Genesis Vision provide a decentralized trust management platform.it is based on blockchain technology and also smart contracts. Genesis Vision combine exchanges, brokers, traders, and investors into open and fair network. Using Ganeses Vicion, traders will quickly scale through their trading strategies and attract investments from around the world.the main motto for Genesis Vision is to solve industry problems like the lack of information, the lack of transparency and the lack of confidence.

GVT is an internal currency of Genesis Vision platform.Genesis Vision Token(GVT) will useful to finance product development, marketing and advertising for the development of the platform. Total 24 peoples are behind this project. The main purpose of this team is to provide a good and secure platform for investors, managers and brokers

Problem for the Market:

  • The current trust management system does not meet the needs of modern investors and managers.
  • No reliable sources of information or statistics.
  • Limit the manager's skill to attract new funds and deprive investors of their flexibility in their choice.
  • A large number of deceitful operations were found in the Trust Management Market.
  • Customers lost their money and investor’s trust in the market as a whole began to fall because the scammers used the fact that trust management techniques by default are very complex and non-transparent for users.

Genesis Vision Soluction

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Genesis Vision Platform Benefits for investors, Managers and Brokers

For investors: manage of financial instruments and managers,safe trade history and investment statistics,fully Transparent investment and Profit Distribution.

For Managers: managers have own cyptocurrency so freely traded by investors. good possibilities to promoting own trading tactic so easily attract more investors.

For Brokers: As a broker they have right to do any marketing, Brokers can attract managers using any of the methods,and establish any trading terms for managers.Due to the Genesis Vision software, brokers can confirm that there is no compromise with their data or the data is not Disclosed.

Genesis Vision Roadmap:-


Funds Allocation:
Development and Support : 40%
Marketing: 30%
Integration, Servers, Connectivity and Auditing: 15%
Legal: 10%
Other: 5%


Token info:-

Token Symbol= GVT
Platform= ERC20 Ethereum
1 GVT = 1 $
Total Supply= 44,000,000
Tokens To Sale= 33,000,000
Remaining Tokens :For funding,marketing, bounty and team members
Unsold tokens: will be burned during ico

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