My trip to Velebit!

Hello, mortals! Ladies and gentlemen today I had the best trip so far. My love and I went to the trip called "Photo Safari" and it took us on the mountains of Velebit. The air was thicker, the wind was super strong and cold, but it was all worth it. We started at 9am and there were 8 other people with us, all from different countries. First, they took us to see the North side of Velebit, then we had lunch at a local farm and after that they showed us the rest. There was a lot of animals and a lot of plants that I have never seen before in real life, so that was awesome. I took about 60 photos and I picked the best ones for you crazy Steemians. I hope you enjoy the photos even though it's nothing compared to seeing it all in real life. Stay strong 💪

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It was 0.44 and you had to wait for whole day to drop it to 0.06?? Tnks

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Heaven on earth my friend.

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