Home sweet home!

Just a picture of my city!

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hmmm...the post suggests you are proud of your city - and yet, you do not want us to know which city it is.No need for you to feel ashamed, it does look nice.... though, the white building on the lower right is strange; it looks like compacted paper trash, from what I can see :)

06.10.2019 19:35

I am not proud of my city because thats Zagreb in Croatia and that state is in some deep financial shit. I was just happy to see it because I was away for 5 months. When I saw that view I had to take a picture and share it with you all :)

06.10.2019 20:11

You comment has brought to life your post. Why not try to do so with every post? Remember, what makes your post meaningful to us, is your personal viewpoint...and...I admit I am tired of seeing nice photographs, but not being told where they were taken.

As for the deep financial shit - so many politicians have fucked up, either because they are globalists (traitors) and want to destroy their country, or because they did not have the guts to tell the globalist to f* off - like Hungary did.

I hope the people fight back and save your country.

Think of it this way: There is a marvellous painting, as high as Mt Olympos and as wide as my belly (ok, wider). All the varying traditions, religions and nationalities are the colours of the painting.

The globalists want to turn the painting into a colourless painting, so boring that everyone gives up on living.

I lived in London (years ago) and the sky was always gray. I moved to Cyprus where the sky was always blue and in the middle of winter I found in a small field 34 different kinds of wild flowers in bloom.

The globalists do not like blue skies and flowers, for they make us want to stay alive.

Do not allow the globalists and traitors to win by giving up on your country, city or family. They are all precious and worth fighting for.

06.10.2019 20:38

You are absoultley right. Why would I let politicians ruin my opinion of my home? I was born here and nothing can change that. Thank you for your comment, and from now on I will make better posts. This was realy an eye opening comments and you deserve alot more followers and attention. Stay strong man and have a nice day.

07.10.2019 07:26

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06.10.2019 21:04