Tutorial on how to sew Apron at home (lesson 2) 10% payout to steem.skillshare by @udyliciouz


Hello my wonderful teachers and learners of steem skillshare community. I am delighted to share another tutorial in this esteem community. Today I will be showing you how to sew your kitchen apron.

Apron is needed by so many people and it is sometimes used as uniform of many jobs like waitresses, nurses, homemakers, domestic workers and other jobs.

It is important you know how to make your apron at home.

Follow through as I am going to show you simple steps of making your apron at home.

Step 1

This is my fabric. I fold it by two. And after folding, I keep it on the table for marking using the desired measurement.



Step 2

After folding the fabric as you can see in the picture above, you Mark base on your measurement.





I Measured the fabric 24 by 30 inches. Fold in two as you see in the pictures above.
Measure 6 inches from the end of the fold and Mark as the neck breadth and for the neck length, measure 10 inches and Mark it out.

Step 3


Follow the marking and make a round curve. After that use a sharp scissors to carefully cut it out for sewing.
When you are done cutting, the fabric is ready to be sewn.

Step 4


After sewing the edges, I will now prepare a robe using the same fabric. You can make your robe longer or shorter, depending on how you want it to be.


With this s steps, I believe you wilbe able to make your apron at hohome
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