My first Roadshow as a team coordinator (team innovation) was successful signing up newbies by @udyliciouz 10% goes to @steemalive #club5050


10% beneficiaries goes to @steemalive


Good day everyone in steemalive community and to my fellow promoters I greet you all.

This is my first Roadshow as a team coordinator. I am @udyliciouz coordinating team innovation. Before the Roadshow I had to put a call across to all the people who will be joining team innovation in Promoting steemit.
Some responded well and others have other engagement they wanted to attend to promising they will join some other time.

We all met at mindset office and promoted steemit at University of uyo first gate.

We had so many positive response but unfortunately the network was poor preventing many from signing up. We were able to sign up just one person while others were still trying but couldn't.
We will return to help them in signing up and writing achievement post.


My personal effort

I Promoting steemit to so many people and here are some of my personal effort


The picture above is @nyaknnoumoh, she signed up but still have difficulties in making post and in the community. I assisted her by showing her the different communities we have in steemit and what to post in each communities. I also encourage her to always join in steem promotion.



I also approach a woman in a bookshop explaining steemit to her and also showing her some things and sample of post she can make in steemit platform. She was so happy to hear about it and was eager to sign up.



Here I promoted steemit to group men in a shoe Maker's shop. They asked many questions about the platform and lastly they collected the flyer and say they will sign up on their own. I encourage them to call or Whatsapp the number on the flyer in case they have any difficulties signing up.



Trying to sign up the woman I talked to in the bookshop. It wasn't successful because of network.


Talking to a lady in her POS business. She like the platform but doesn't have a smartphone. She will join the platform as soon as she have a smartphone.


It was a successful Roadshow. Even with the bad network, we created awareness and also activated old users to be active again in the platform.

I appreciate the @manuelhooks, @fonexsignature, @gentlesun who join Team Innovation in Promoting steemit.
I also appreciate everyone who always take part in steemit promotion and my fellow team coordinators. @ijelady, @eliany.

Thanks to my State representative @ngoenyi who always promote steem tirelessly.

Thanks to @focusnow for steem Roadshow initiative and for always rewarding active and serious promoters.



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14.11.2021 13:25

Thank you for this wonderful report from you dear team cordinator, @udyliciouz. It is well detailed. Others will surely join as time goes on. Weldone with your team. I appreciate your efforts

14.11.2021 13:26

Thanks so much ma'am for going through my post and supporting it. I am grateful

14.11.2021 16:46


14.11.2021 13:27

Thank you

15.11.2021 18:29

Weel done. you had a quite successful day :) Keep going !!!!

14.11.2021 14:12

Yes o. We thank God for the success

15.11.2021 18:28

Well done Team Innovation, we work together to promote steemit.

14.11.2021 15:51

Thank you my dear sister and fellow promoter

14.11.2021 16:45

Yes ooo. Thanks for visiting my blog

15.11.2021 18:28

Bbi love your zeal in steem promo, continue to be active I personally appreciate your 💕 steem on!

14.11.2021 21:08

Thanks so much dear sis for appreciating my effort

15.11.2021 18:27