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Good evening everyone. How was your day? I guess it went as planned. As for me I had a busy day as always.

Activities in the morning

When I woke up in the morning, I said a brief prayer and later woke my family members up for morning worship. We spend about 10 minutes considering our morning worship and then close with a brief prayer.

After the morning worship I quickly prepare my baby's food, feed her and make sure she's fine.
When I was done with my baby it was around 6 a.m.
I go straight to the kitchen prepare food that I will give to my daughter to take to school.


I prepare indomie noodles for her as it is one of her best food aside from rice and stew. I also added yoghurt and cream cracker biscuit for her so that she will eat after the lunch break. When I was done preparing her food, I bathe her, dress her up and take her to school.

After dropping her in the school I came back home to prepare breakfast which my husband and I will eat.
I cooked white rice with pepper soup, I served my husband and also eat my own as well.
When my husband finish eating he left for work that was around 9:00 a.m. and I move on to sweeping the environment and arranging the house. When I finish all these I was tired and I needed to rest. I rested a bit.


Activities in the afternoon

I started washing clothes around 12:07 pm, I washed a lot of clothes and after washing the clothes, I feed my baby and also go to my daughter's school to pick her from school. On my way returning from picking my daughter from school, I stopped by in a nearby market to buy food stuff.


I bought things to prepare water yam pottage. Water yam pottage is a delicious and special meal, given to visit who hasn't visit for a long time. It is also given to nursing mothers. It's help nursing mothers to lactate very well. Since I am a nursing mother I like cooking it though it's time consuming.
By the time I finish eating my delicious food, I was so tired and I needed to rest but I didn't.


Activities in the evening


In the evening, I assisted my daughter in doing her homework. After the homework, I feed them again, and bathe them.

I had a very busy day, though that is how my day has always been.

Thank you all for reading my dairy. Love you all.
Stay safe!


Written by @udyliciouz

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