HOW TO MAKE HOMEMADE PEANUTS - A step by step guide.❣️


Hello Hiveans it's good to be here again sharing as usual of this amazing platform. Today, I made peanuts burger at home and it was all yummy 😋😊
I will be sharing my special recipes with y'all..

So first, the ingredients;
Eggs. 4 large
Sugar 11/2 cup
Groundnut 6 cups
Flour 6cups
Milk flavor 1 sachet
Pinch of baking powder and salt

Now let's begin the Procedure;

mix egg and sugar together rigorously until it is well combined and set aside.
For the groundnut, separate the bad ones from the good ones, just the way you pick your beans. Soak your groundnut in hot water, add salt and soak for 5 mins. Drain in a sieve
Pour your groundnuts in an oven tray, spread it carefully and sun dry until it fully dried.

Mix all dry ingredients together.
Pour groundnut in a large bowl (large and wide is very important, it prevents the peanuts from sticking together.)

Now let's coat the nuts;
Add 2 sppons of egg to your peanuts and shake, add little flour and shake together.



Repeat this process until all flour mixture and egg is exhausted and the nuts are properly coated.



Deep fry in hot oil. Remove when it is golden brown and boom your yummy and delicious peanuts burger is all set for consumption.


You could preserve yours in any container of your choice. For me I bottled mine in this airtight container 👇👇


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