IMG_20190706_160328_785.jpgAye!! Aye!!!...Life comes in stage's confronts with various face's
like an ancient book from page's
success dished in shape's
grudges carried in weight's

Aye!! Aye!!!...cries of the broken I here,
tormented hearts going astray,
eyes of dawn filled with tears,
candles to celebrate years but scared of dying days.

Aye!! Aye!!!....we pray for better day's,
slow to give but quick to take,
in judgement we dash human race,
my heart sink's in a lonely bed,
when I reminisce on human fate,
to witness the times of endless wait.

My name!! my name!! Failure prostrate,
in sands of time's it shall be great,
with glorious eyes I see heaven's gate,
salute my course in warm embrace,
till the die is cast and sky is gray,
My name!! My name!! shall reign for year's.

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