The Untamed All The Pointy Things (Anytime) tournament with @ Jaki01, played by me. Maybe someone will explain the price distribution to me - thanks in advance!

As both @ jaki01 and I have already written here, I partly play Splinterlands for @ Jaki01.
That's how I played the Untamed All The Pointy Things (Anytime) tournament with @ Jaki01.

This resulted in the following final result:

Place 1-4 = 26.250 DEC:


Place 5-8 = 15.000 DEC:


Place 9-12 = 7500 DEC:


So now my question:
I won ALL 14 fights - for what reason does @ jaki01 now only receive DEC 7,500 as a prize when others with the same score win DEC 26,250?

Maybe someone just explains it to me - thanks for that!

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from what i see the TB is low

25.05.2020 22:12

Ok thanks for this information.
But I won all fights how can than decide a TB ?
I mean what I should do better than to win all fights ?
So if you tell me about TB it means that I could play what I want I would in every case not able to win the tournament.
What is this for a game if you cannot win even if you win all fights ?

If you compare with soccer - can you tell me any league or any tournament in soccer where you win all your matches and finish at the 10th place ?

For me this is ridicoulous.

25.05.2020 22:19