Live is Dead without a Hope

We hear about suicide everyday so who is still alive today still think of suicide as the solution to their problems. Why?

Others still wonder why people commit suicide. For these people no normal person would consider sucide because life is precious. The question is: why do those mention in the previous paragraph choose death and why do the later ones choose to keep their lifes.

human is made with the ability to change in mood, that is; happy mood and sad mood as well as other tensive mood. So changes in mood has become common and constant.

The difference between the two parties is sumed up in one word "RESILIENCE". But wait a minute, nomally every human is made with the ability to endure, so while do some people give up and commit sucide?

Hope is the main factor th
at keeps life alive. Resilience is not possible without hope. For example, in a race , an athlete may fall on the race, without hope the athlete would not get up and continue the race with all his heart. but if there is hope in his mind, that is where resilience comes to play.

In the picture below we can notice two boys on a relay race, the first one stands still because he thought he can't make it so it is clear that they will loose the race because he has no hope. The second one although berear is full of Hope and struggles to wine that is resilience.
So that is how life is.

people commit suicide because they lost hope, therefore LIFE WHAT EVER IT IS, IS DEATH WITHOUT HOPE. That is while we steemit alive @
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