Contest 4.12: Looking Forward

Every person on earth has his or her own unique desire, dreams and ambitions. Anybody without a dream will be roaming like a vagabond on the street. It shows you future.

A dream is a man’s mental picture of a glorious future, painted by the discovery of his nature from the scriptures.


Looking forward refers to, expecting something to happen based on or inconsonance with your present or proposed action towards achieving it. I have refused to look backward but forward ever to attaining my great goal in life, which one of them is to work online specifically on Steemit to generate good money that can solve my problems and others.

It is pertinent to know that looking forward is a process, to process my way to financial freedom on steemit, I must do the following:

  1. Plan: This entails creating action steps to follow; strategizing to pursue and path to take, to get to my desire haven (fulfillment). Practically, I have already started planning on how many articles to write daily and weekly. I must have a realistic plan. ‘If I fail to plan, I plan to fail’.
  2. Goal Setting: I have already set specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bound goals to follow my plan to my dream, which is to generate over one million naira (N1,000,000) or $2000 by December, 2021. This really motivates me to put more effort, work hard to actualize it.
  3. A now Action: One could ever imagine why many could not succeed in life, career, or business, because they refuse to take ‘a now action’. Many procrastinate. I have made up my mind to take immediate action to start writing articles on steemit.

I have written over 15 articles to publish daily and these are original works of mine. Taking action is the work of faith as seen in the scriptures.

Steemit provides incredible opportunities to break away from poverty at a long run and self-employed. I look forward to seeing myself earning big in this great platform so I can help vulnerable people in my community. It is very possible to earn N1,000,000 or $2000 by December, 2021 on steemit.

It is not enough to have a dream unless you are willing to pursue. It is not enough to know what is right unless you are strong enough to do it is not enough to hope to become a billionaire unless you are determined with brutal action.

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I agree with it it's not enough to have a wish but a plan is needed too. A schedule where you stick to no matter what.
It's good to write on and be able to post on a frequently basis.

Do not forget to contact with others. They will tip you and read you if you pay them a visit. So connect and invest time in that.

Do you write on other platforms?
Cryptocurrencies are a good investment and the future.

Good luck. 🍀👍

12.09.2021 16:17

Thank you very much for your encouragement. I am very new in this platform. I started in August, so I do not really familiar with 'how to connect to the right and reputable people or steemians in this platform.
I will sincerely love to work with you as you sincerely direct and guide me where to post my articles, what articles to write on. I have zeal to write. I have written over 30 articles and posted them on my blog: The blog is meant for google adSense on 'Personal finance'. But google has not approved it for adSense ads to run. You can look at it.
Right now, I have over 10 articles originally written by me. So I need your professional advise, Madam.
Madam, I will appreciate if you can direct me on what to do and I will do because I believe in you as a reputable person and expert on Steemit. I have time to do what you will ask me to do, as far as it will generate money for me. If I have found the right person on Steemit, let be you!
Thank you
Udofot Umoh

12.09.2021 16:50

I do not write on other platforms. But I have subscribed to over 15 platforms on Steemit.

12.09.2021 16:55

Do I need to write a post before i join #CCC? When is the closing date for the contest: What does CCC mean to you? Where do I post my writing?

Thank you.

12.09.2021 17:50