Experience Iceland In 2 Minutes

Why do we call this video 'Planet Iceland'?

It has all to do with the fact that the country has the most unworldly landscape we have come across, surpassing our old favorite Namibia.

There was not a single dull moment while driving around the country as we covered about 1500 km.We will surely return and this time in peak summer - to maximize the use of the F-roads (off-roads).

Timestamp for locations as they appear in the video

00:00 - Hverfjall
00:11 - Selfoss
00:22 - Sólheimajökull 
00:29 - Svínafellsjökull
00:45 - Hill pass west of Laugar
00:53 - Vaðlaheiðargöng tunnel
00:59 - Valley west of Laugar
01:14 - Gullfoss
01:19 - Seljalandsfoss
01:28 - Whale watching off Húsavík
01:36 - Geysers east of Laugar
01:48 - Kirkjufellsfoss
01:53 - Hill pass west of Laugar

Music: Vorsa - If Only You Knew (please DM me if you want this removed)

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