My trip on the island of Java, Indonesia || Part I

Hay, introduce me Khairudin or also known as @udinpujangga. I am a newcomer to this Walkwithme community.

So, on this first opportunity I will tell you a little about my trip on the island of Java, Indonesia. Anyway, here I am still a student, for now I am still taking my education in Banda Aceh, Aceh, Indonesia.

On my trip this time it was because there were activities in Tasikmalaya, but at first my intention was to go for a walk and enjoy the atmosphere of the island of Java, which is the center of government or the capital of Indonesia.

on March 03, 2021 I departed from Sultan Iskandar Muda airport, Aceh. Heading to Kertajati airport, Majalengka, West Java. I departed from Banda Aceh alone, but while transiting in kualanamu, Medan. I have been waiting for my friends who will also fly to Tasikmalaya.

When in the air on an airplane

After I met my friends and the time for departure had arrived, we immediately checked in and headed straight to the plane. Inside the peasawat, because I have gathered with friends, I don't forget to take moments with selfies with friends.

selfies with friends

Around 3 o'clock, we arrived at Kertajati airport, Majalengka. When we got off our plane, we immediately went out and it turned out that we had been picked up by the committee for carrying out activities in Tasikmalaya. We immediately put our things in the car and immediately went to Tasikmalaya.

photos while inside the airport

photo when in front of the airport

When we arrived in Tasikmalaya, we immediately took a break because the next morning we immediately followed the activity there. All day long we were in the room to participate in these activities, it was very boring, but what can we do, we have to be patient for today because the next day we have finished activities and can enjoy our trip to enjoy the atmosphere of the island of Java.

Opening of activities in Tasikmalaya

Closing of activities in Tasikmalaya

Our second day in Tasikmalaya, our plan is only to go to one place, namely the Ciawi Hot Spring. We spent half a full day there. We really enjoyed the hot springs, and also to release our fatigue yesterday while in the activity forum.

hot spring ciawi

After we were satisfied in the hot springs, we went straight back to the inn and immediately took a rest for the night. This is our last day in Tasikmalaya, because the next day we will go to Jogjakarta.

When we woke up, we immediately got ready to pack because at 08.00 the train going to Jogjakarta was leaving. I don't know how long we were on the train, finally we arrived at Jogjakarta and headed straight to the inn that we had rented for a few days.

After a while we rested at the inn, we went straight to our main mission, which is to enjoy the atmosphere in Jogjakarta. So before leaving, we contacted our acquaintances in Jogja and invited them to have a coffee at the Merapi Jogja coffee shop, precisely at the foot of Mount Merapi itself.

the atmosphere at the Merapi coffee shop

photo with jogja friends

rare moment for me

When we got there, it turned out that the atmosphere was very cool and it just happened that the rain had just subsided, there I was a little shivering because I was not used to the cold atmosphere. There I ordered a typical coffee there, namely Merapi milk coffee. I really enjoyed the atmosphere there, from the cool and peaceful atmosphere and with a warm cup of coffee at that time.

As time went on, it turned out that time demanded that we have to return because it was almost night. After clearing the payment at the cashier, we immediately rushed back down from the foot of the Mount Merapai. Well, here we didn't go home right away, it turned out that my friends who were in Jogja took me to Malioboro to have a look at the atmosphere there and coincidentally the distance Malioboro was close to our inn.

Malioboro is a relic of ancient times, here is the center of the market during the days of the ancient kingdom. Anyway, you need to know Jogjakarta here, there are many fossils of ancient relics, such as the Borobudur temple, Malioboro and others, and here there is still such a thing as the palace.

photo in tegu point 0 malioboro

When we arrived in Malioboro it turned out that there were so many people here. Yes, don't be surprised anymore because here it is used as a place for both local and foreign tourists. There are also many people selling here, from souvenirs to typical Jogja souvenirs, and also many other things that are sold, of course this is what makes us all tempted to shop.

After finishing shopping and enjoying the atmosphere in Malioboro, we went straight to the inn to rest.

The next day, which was our second day in Jogja, we woke up a little late, around 11 o'clock. After all my friends woke up we immediately got ready, because there is only one bathroom so I have to queue, and while waiting in line I make a cup of coffee and enjoy first coffee distu while relaxing.

breakfast while enjoying the view of the rice fields

After all finished packing, we immediately rushed to one of the restaurants for breakfast and coffee there, because today we have no plans where to go. We were there for quite a long time, until the time showed 17.00 in the afternoon. And there we immediately arranged where to go that night. After discussing it, we agreed to go to the Bukit Bintang Jogjakarta.

Without waiting for the signal, we immediately rushed to go to the hill of stars, and of course this time we had to go up the mountain again. The atmosphere that I can enjoy here is the atmosphere of the city of Jogja, at the height of this hill I can see the whole city of Jogja. So beautiful and amazing, from the cool atmosphere and the beauty of the place there until the scenery is extraordinary. It was not in vain that we came here and in closing our trip in Jogja this was an extraordinary journey for me.

enjoy the view of the city of jogja from a height

moments with friends

Anyway, of course in Jogja there are many more places that can be visited for travelers, but I can only go to a few places because now it is still in the covid-19 period so that tourist attractions are rarely open and cannot be visited.

Well, maybe for my travel story it will be enough to get here first, later I will share my story again with PART II and of course it will be more exciting and fun too. For all Steemian friends, always follow my writing. Hehehe

This is the story of my journey in Part I. Hopefully the future will be even better. And I thank you very much to @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02 as well as other Steemians who always support me on this Steemit platform.

special @lidiasteem

Salam @udinpujangga

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