Pseuderanthemum Acanthaceae 🌸


Pseuderanthemum is a genus of flowering plant in family of Acanthaceae & tribe of Justicieae.
It’s a traditional medicinal plant with good track records for the treatment of many illnesses, including hypertension, diarrhea, rheumatoid, inflammatory bowel diseases, constipation, influenza or cold, dysentery, tumor & hepatitis.
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they are very pretty

17.09.2021 21:06

flower posts are very interesting and super beautiful, I'm always excited with your posts giving new knowledge to all of us are still beginners, thank you very much👍

17.09.2021 21:29

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17.09.2021 22:02

It’s quite a beautiful flower

17.09.2021 22:07

es hermosa y medicinal puede hacer mucho hay que cuidarla a todas las flores

17.09.2021 23:53

beauty plant

19.09.2021 03:09