Polyscias Scutellaria Shrub 🍃


Polyscias scutellaria, the shield aralia, or plum aralia, is a beautiful tropical shrub or small kind of tree that’s native of the Southwest Pacific Islands, which is commonly grown in gardens around the globe.
The foliage is aromatic & is used to cool furnish perfume. It’s also used medicinally as a diuretic, against breast cancer & to prevent baldness. Please this is not a medical advice, kindly consult your physician before use.
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Forest ❤ Green and flowers ❤ I love nature. I will recommend it to my bald friends. :)

19.04.2021 20:53

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19.04.2021 21:33

Thank you for sharing such amazing informations about the shrub

19.04.2021 21:36

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20.04.2021 00:24

Thanks for sharing. This shrub smells so nice. It's also nice to see that the leaves are variegated. I have seen the purely green one.

20.04.2021 05:39

Thank you @udibekwe for bringing to our knowledge and pleasure. the shield aralia is beautiful. The shot is wow

20.04.2021 08:19