Plumbago Auriculata 🌸


Plumbago auriculata, also known as the cape leadwort, blue plumbago or Cape plumbago which is a species of flowering plant in the family of Plumbaginaceae is native to South Africa. The specific epithet auriculata means ‘with ears’, commonly referring to the shape of the leaves which are usually glossy green & grow to 5cm long. The stems are usually long, thin & climbing.
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Plumbago auriculata, Very beautiful the first time I saw it

03.05.2021 02:18

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03.05.2021 03:29

Lovely white flower 🌸

03.05.2021 02:26

que bien no sabia su nombre en mi jardín llego de polizonte con otra planta y la llamo azul

03.05.2021 02:43

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Wild 🍓

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05.05.2021 05:56

Hermosa mata de jardín.

04.05.2021 10:32

Nice Post,Thank To Share
Beautiful Flower ..

09.05.2021 02:26