Opuntia Monacantha Prickly 🌵


Opuntia monacantha is commonly known as drooping prickly pear, cochineal prickly pear, or Barbary fig, which is a species of plant in the family of Cactaceae, it’s native to the South America.
It’s cultivated as an ornamental or as a live hedge which can be used as a medicinal plant & the fruit is edible as well.
It’s free to use stock photo at will.
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Cool and useful succulent

29.08.2021 20:21

interesting I have had the opportunity to taste its fruit is medicinal.

29.08.2021 20:27

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29.08.2021 22:16

nice picture of cactus, with waterfall style, shape like bonsai..

30.08.2021 02:18

I have succulents too , 🌵

30.08.2021 03:22

OHHH I like prickly pears so much but I didnt know this type existed!

01.09.2021 06:49