Monoon Longifolium 🌲


Monoon longifolium, the false ashoka also commonly known by its synonym Polyalthia longifolia, which is an Asian small tree species in the family of Annonaceae.
It is native to southern India & Sri Lanka, but has been widely planted elsewhere in tropical Asia & Africa.
This beautiful evergreen tree is known to grow over 10m. It’s often regarded as Masquerade trees which is a lofty evergreen tree & commonly planted due to its effectiveness & active in alleviating noise pollution in any environment it’s planted.
It usually exhibits symmetrical pyramidal growth with willowy weeping pendulous cool branches & long narrow lanceolate outstanding leaves with undulate margins.
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Good to know more about this tree

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Sir your post is outstanding. Your post have a lot of knowledge for me . You have a lot of knowledge about plants. God bless you more and more. Sir i am new here.

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Sir it is so more in pakistan i like it

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I have seen this tree in my village 😘 Its great attractive

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