Euphorbia Cactus Plant🌵


Euphorbia Ingens Cactus Plant is quite spiny, succulent medium-sized growing tree with a sturdy main stem & a massive dark green crown-like branching in a broadly obconical manner or in the shape of an over-sized egg-cup & not distinctly candelabra-like.
They have long been known to yield latexes with irritant & carcinogenic properties & these properties have been associated with some diterpenes of the phorbol class.
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The kaptus tree is very good, but the thorns of the kaptus tree when hit by the hand can hurt, do you like cultivating the kaptus tree, have a nice day @udibekwe

07.04.2021 06:00

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07.04.2021 06:05

Very clean and clear shot

07.04.2021 06:28

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07.04.2021 07:29

Great photography! Captured well. ❤

07.04.2021 12:48

This cactus is not seen much nowadays .. I have been watching it for a long time ..Nice photography

09.04.2021 09:48