Aglaonema Evergreen Plantae 🌿


Aglaonema is a genus of beautiful flowering plants in the arum family of Araceae. Tkt’s native to the tropical & subtropical regions of Asia & New Guinea. They are commonly known as Chinese evergreens. It helps to improve the air quality of our indoor spaces with the cool ability to filter indoor air pollutants & toxins
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beautiful plant with a amazing photo

17.10.2021 14:54

amazing beautiful plant

17.10.2021 16:36

The picture is amazing & beautiful. Especially the colour of the leaves of the trees, many colorful and colorful combinations. Your blog has beautiful and colorful photos.
I like the StockPhotos channel. Can I post to the StockPhotos channel? Are there any rules for posting here?

17.10.2021 20:33

Pretty good photo shot

17.10.2021 21:42