Jatropha Podagrica 🌷


Jatropha podagrica 'Buddha Belly Plant' is a succulent plant which is usually grown as ornamental plant, it's very medicinal & useful to humans, because the latex of Jatropha contains an alkaloid that's known as 'Jatrophine' which is believed to have an anti-cancer properties. It's also used for some skin diseases, rheumatism & for sores on domestic livestock 'animals'. Also the white latex serves as a disinfectant in the mouth infections in children. Please this is not a medical advice, kindly consult your physcisian before use. It's free to use stock photo at will. Thank you'll & Steem On.

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Beautiful flower and medicinal which is useful to humans..

17.04.2021 07:26

Never heard about this plant but looks really nice.@udibekwe

17.04.2021 07:28

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17.04.2021 07:43

Wow. Thank you very much for introducing the plant, I have never heard about it.

In my opinion, the leaves of this plant can also be used to make tea. I would really try :)

17.04.2021 08:19

Is blooming just beginning? Or are they already such flowers?

17.04.2021 09:48

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17.04.2021 09:50

one of the most beautiful plant. I had one.

17.04.2021 10:06

I have this flower but I never thought of knowing the name . More reason to always thank you @udibekwe for bringing to our viewing pleasure the wonders of life via photos.

17.04.2021 11:58

A very useful plant for medicinal purposes! Never heard of it before. Thank you for updating @udibekwe, really appreciate it.

17.04.2021 13:36