You only know of a fictive spider man, come see a real spider child (video link added)


Dear reader,

Children of this generation are unique, creative and astonishing. You won't fully know what they are capable of at their tender age, you know they do a lot of things that makes an adult see them as adults in baby body. Their exploits in this modern age showcase colours of wonders. It makes one to question his/her childhood memories. Question like;

......."when I was a child, I never could do a thing like this, but how come this child whom is below the expected age to do a thing like this, is extraordinarily good at this?"...........

Questions will pop up; in funny and self-criticizing way that later invites humorous shaming on oneself.... On the other hand, one will praise the talents of the extraordinary child that stunned the mind and shape a mindset to train their unborn children in like manner.

Why am I writing all this?

I turned ON my internet data today after reading for hours in preparation for my school exams (five down, four more left to go) and came across a short video link of a child who climbed the decorated edge of a wall like a spider man on my WhatsApp status feed, damn..... I was amazed.... The scene was lit... Visually, It was a wonderful thing to behold.

Take a glimpse, watch it here:

cover image

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08.08.2019 14:14

Wow! A girl - so strong. Going up with that weight for that size and age, I am impressed. Spider it is hahahaha. The orange part got me...

09.08.2019 18:06

Hehe... I was stunned... That girl child is an amazon 😉

10.08.2019 08:25

Hahahaha, no doubt, brother. She is building strength for the future.

10.08.2019 11:32