Who we are, is who we attract

![bee-4092986_1920.jpg](httpith whoever coined out this quote. It hits the nail right on the head. Who wjpeg)
“who you are, is who you attract”unknown

*“who you are, is who you attract”* — ***unknown***
*** I age bee insect. If one is a mango tree, it will always attract birds to come lay it nest and sometimes to eat part of it ripe fruits. If one is a maize plant, locust and grasshoppers are inevitable, they get attracted to it. Attraction takes place because of the nature or habit of who we are. If one is a developed nation with goodd to it. Attractilaces; it will always attract tourists and immigrants from all over the world. This quote has made me reflect on my past life on things or people that were attracted to me. I realised thate world. This quo or the other, that got them attracted to me; some experience were good and some were bad. I have made a decision this morning to keep improving on myself; I want magnificent things, extraordinary things, great people to keep getting attracted to me as I journey with my destiny in life. I only want the positives to always get drawn to me, all negative attraction should elude me, they won't move in life. I only we's no point in living a life that attracts them, negative attraction has nothing good than to add retrogression to one's life. **If this speaks to you just like it did to me, this is me telling you, my esteem reader, that it's who we are, it's fe. **If tact.** Good morning. *** [cover image](https://pixabay.com/photos/bee-honey-bee-insect-pollen-nectar-4092986/) ractGood morning.


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