While men slept


“While men slept, crypto was made” — udezee

This has always been one of my best elixir of motivation as a nameless breed in the free and open waters of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology -- to strive hard. LOL.

It has different meaning to me depending on the circumstance or nature of the ocean I find myself, filled with whales.

In the past when I was a noob, it propelled me to be diligent.

Today it enegerise me to sacrifice my sleep as not to go FOMO on any new update or benefit.

Tomorrow it could inspire me to hodl or stake those tokens insteading of dumping for pressing needs.

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20.07.2019 11:57

I can remember when I was a novice about this crypto. While men slept, crypto was made and now we are awake, we are losing sleep hahahaha.

20.07.2019 18:32

Yes o.... We are losing sleep 🤣

21.07.2019 09:23

And making money :D :)

21.07.2019 12:44


22.07.2019 14:25

Nice caption I must admit. You got me right there. Crypto is here and now we are losing sleep haha.

20.07.2019 18:35


21.07.2019 09:24

And you are already reaping the benefits of sacrificing your sleep.

22.07.2019 01:09

Yes I am great sire 🤞

22.07.2019 14:25