This morning


This sunday shone bright into my soul

I don't know why I felt this way

I was at a programme, a life changing one

I don't know if it's the speaker's voice or words

Tears just kept gathering in the pool of my eyes

I was asking myself questions, question like

*Can your life make a breakthrough?

Why do good thing come and go?

Why do people look down on you?

What's wrong with you?

Why is your heart happy and your eyes sad?

Are the words you hear now not liberating?*

The questions kept running at me like a car

They were too fast for me; I couldn't answer all,

This morning I knew I was at the right place

The speaker kept talking, until he said

Something that washed my face

He made me reckon on the fact

That there's a former glory

And a latter glory in a man's life —

This was when the great light

Shined into my soul and I felt

All the cryptic darkness fleeing away,

For liberation came through words.

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18.08.2019 12:23

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18.08.2019 12:41