This horizontal shape

This horizontal shape
So still, firm, soft, gentle and comfy
To any layer with living cells;
Layers that rotate like the earth
Filled with liquid, words
Thoughts, life and bones.

This horizontal shape
Very busy in the night
With different pigmentation
That toil in the sun
In blood and sweat to later
Earn the sunlight as rewards.

This horizontal shape
Found only in the
Secret places; a room
Where two bodies form heat
In the middle of the night
For a lifetime, who knows?

This horizontal shape
A good companion
In the time of pain, joy,
Quietness, recovery, rest,
Gossip and procreation;
An ally filled with guarantee.

This horizontal shape
A portal to the world
Of colourful dreams;
Yes, those unending fantasy
Where wishes are horses
And feets walk on water.

This horizontal shape
Is peculiar and ubiquitous
It can be found in
Africa, Asia, America, Australia, Europe
Designed from natural and man-made resources,
This shape of comfy is called a bed.


I got the inspiration to pen this piece of poetry from my infant engagement in upmewhale community, it came as I was about to say "goodnight" to those there. I joined the community newly and I was invited by my friend @xawi - the place is lively. Makes me love the #newsteem movement.

I hope you all enjoy this -- thanks for reading.

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