This goat was caught begging.....


What do you see when you take a look at this picture? To me I see a goat with it's kid having fun. To me I see a goat eating the remains of an orange. To me, maybe I see a goat meekly begging in the streets. Yikes :)

Animal fun

I came back from school on one sunny afternoon, I was exhausted from my school activities for the day and also from the unfriendly heat of the sun. On my way home, I grabbed a couple of oranges in my local community and licked it juice to my satisfaction. I needed something different to quench the thirst in my throat. The orange did just that. Few inches from where I sat, I saw this goat in the cover image staring at me, it felt like the orange stucked to my mouth was salivating in it's eyes. It felt like the goat eyes was begging to eat that part of the orange left with no juice. I couldn't help it. The poor goat was yearning for the citrus in my hand with it eyes. What did I do to help? all I did was to throw the orange at it. Yes, the goat was so happy. I could see that from it reaction. Without hesitation, the goat wasted no time in devouring the orange, as you can see in the image above — fun and happiness.

A short poem

Staring was a beautiful goat
Who loved what passed through the throat
With eyes bright like the star
That whirred melodious tune like a guitar
With mouth salivating in need
Begging for the juice and seed
Of a delicious orange
From a close range.

photo taken by me with my smartphone edited with photoshop express.

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