The tribe of neoxian rewards me well.

In the beginning

I bless the day my attention conveyed me to the road of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Ever since that day, my journey in life had a meaningful change in engine and transit model. LOL. It transformed to something unique and impactful. Anytime I remember my amateur beginnings, I shake my head and laugh. I remember vividly all my naivety as a noob. But look at me now, my eagerness to become knowledgeable made it possible to survive the infant stage as a noob — if the process was cumbersome, God knows by then my interest would have died stillbirth.

Moving on,

Over the past few months on this platform, I have seen over four to five hardforks take place along with new ideas to make the place better than it was especially the idea of Dapps . Also came the initiative of steem SCOT tribe(a side blockchain), which from day one has been phenomenal — I personally know, since it emergence, it has added great value to the platform, reviving more means to earn, trade and retain steem from leaving the platform in the internal market(steem engine).

Neoxian city


So far so good, the best tribe so far that has favoured my activities and time on this platform is neoxian city. I just love how the city tribe has been making strides in all facet. The creation of UTILITY/USE-CASE and more ways to spend and increase the value of the currency from the tribe team builds this zest in me to hold and not to sell but rather power up.

Miners and PoS

Do you know what? Thanks to @bala41288 kanibot — I can now see my curation rewards of all tribes and SE related tokens. I will have to admit that the mining rewards I earn for having a chunk of one miner blows my mind. Yes... Just look at this screenshot


I only grabbed over 0.1××××××××× chunk of one neoxag miner from the market and the rewards it coughs out amazes me. I don't think there is any tribe out there with miners in this portion that can mine tokens in this quantity. This is why I always tell myself, "this is one of your best investment" and it makes me so happy that I power up all my rewards without a second thought.

Even after the new monetary change to neoxian city tribe to mine from staking, I was impressed with my staking rewards on my main account and curation account. Let me show you all screenshots of my POS rewards



....Is this not amazing? I get to earn goodly for staking my tokens. A very good incentive. I am proud of neoxian city.



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