The race is for the gold and diamond riders


Truly, no one knows tomorrow — Yesterday could be rainy and in a twinkle of an eye today could be sunny. Throughout yesterday I was psychologically down.. 'cause I didn't expect a sudden surprise, a surprise I didn't see coming — just now I encountered an unpredictable situation turnaround. I am smiling deep down. This turn of event gave me this assurance that's indescribable. The only lesson I picked from what transpired since the surfacing of this sudden surprise is that "patience is golden" and "diligence is diamond".

Now, more life lesson has just been added to my experience kit. I don't know what the future holds for me but anytime situation like this should repeat itself, I will apply patience and diligence to it, if I see it doesn't work out then all I have to do is meditate within and follow my gut instincts with believe that everything is gonna be alright.

I am supposed to share the nitty gritty of this surprise that clamped my psychological stability but sorry, I can't, I just needed to release the bad energy or will I call it light depression that clouded my heart through writing with my pen. After seeing some unpredictable turn of event, which is more of a sunshine I feel elated and delighted.

Thanks for reading.

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