The green independence continues to perish

*The land is green
It is green, so green
Yet the inhabitants suffer;
The crude oil is green
The crops are green
The mineral resources are green
The weather is even green.
But our leaders are weeds.

The land is green
It is green, so green
That her natural endowment was
Never wrong to have chosen this Land to settle in,
But what is the end result?
Corrupt men and women put in
Captivity resources that belong to all.

The land is green
It is green, so green
That it gave offsprings of change;
Generation of great patriots,
But see who has supressed
Our future hope and better tomorrow
The greedy weeds in power
Who lust in stagnant soil.

The land is green
It is green, so green
That the inhabitants are tired
And the blessings in the land
Is always a curse to their survival,
Many now run to the deserts
For the dry sand gives peace and solace
Than the fresh waters of the land.

The land is green
It is green, so green
That it cries out for a change
As another 365 days Marks her independence day;
Still no significant improvement,
Still no progress, no growth, as her
Natural endowments continuess to go to waste.**

My thoughts

My country celebrates yet another independence day since it liberation from the then colonial masters but yet each 365 days that has come and gone as she gets older records negative improvements, growth and development from were the then colonial masters left it.

We still struggle with steady power supply , we still struggle with agriculture, we still struggle with corruption, we still struggle with unemployment, we still struggle with establishing independent and stable indigenous industries, we still struggle with the health sector, we still struggle with good roads, we still struggle with good security, we still struggle with the value of the nation's currency, we still struggle with standard educational system, we still struggle with our legal judicial system, we still struggle with basic amenities that's the primary responsibility of our leaders. The list is endless.

Sometimes I wonder what is liberation if freedom is still slavery? I am short of words, though I ought to be celebrating but trust me, given the current state of affairs, I mourn at the independence that has made starvation of the land better than a half bread.

cover image: art by @promzyelisha

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01.10.2019 10:41

You perfectly captured all that we are. It is so painful they don't see things this way or seek improvement. I still hope in a better Nigeria and all these would become history soon. We need to really act.


02.10.2019 10:54

I also hope for a better Nigeria.... A time when the chaff shall be sift from the wheat.

Thanks for reading.

02.10.2019 11:03

Absolutely! We will enjoy the good of Nigeria.

02.10.2019 11:06

Amen 🙏🏻

02.10.2019 12:11


02.10.2019 12:58

Cheers 🙏🏻

02.10.2019 15:52

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08.10.2019 10:24