The dawn and dusk of dogs.

I've always acknowledged dogs as the most sweetest pet to have, I believe they leverage a good portion of "likeness" in the heart of people. People term them "as the animal after men's heart" — because they are so much loyal, friendly, playful, funny, harmless, smart and brave to those that own and breed them. Dogs to me should rank in the top 10 list of animals that are reared as pet in the home. I know of this because the "pet adoption" is viral. On twitter, Instagram, facebook and even on blockchain social media websites they go viral on people's thread (animal and personal posts).

This is good because I know the dislike ratio doesn't outweigh the penchant scale. But to every yin, there is always a yang and to every dawn, there is always a dusk. Right?

Today on social media, I watched the dusk or the yang side of a dog. Ask me how it was? "Oh boy...." It was terrifying. I know for sure, to those unfamiliar faces (human or other breed like them) a dog comes across, they become quite the opposite of what they are to their owner; like they become hostile, aggressive, loud, mark their territory etc. They go psycho, that's a better way to put it.

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To open the veil, like I said, on social media today, an account I pushed "it's post notifications ON" buzzed a message on my phone. This was after my arrival from the university, during my free time. I clicked on the notification and read their new post. To my greatest surprise, the post was unusual, it was all about two dog who were wrestling each other aggressively. This fight between both animal led to an uproar in the community. It was my first time to see pubic officers, rich men and average individuals grow concern and come together just to separate a fight between two animal.

"Meh..." — It took some serious intervention from those in the environment, those in the car to come together to separate the fight. Separation led to the use of leg kicks, electric teaser, police rod, water, pepper spray etc. Amid the use of all this methods, the most aggressive and angry dog in the fight didn't stop, it kept clipping and biting hard the other dog without any shred of mercy.

While streaming the video I began to have second thoughts about dogs. I began to see them from the dusk side of view. I began to phantom crazy thoughts about dogs; like "If dogs were really humans, they will turn everywhere upside down when they go rogue on any body" — like "they may do worst things than the actual evil prevalent in the heart of men". Yes, I believe they might do worst — my opinion though but I also do believe every dawn and dusk in the character of a dog is majorly influenced by their gene. It's something hereditary.

In some cases I have seen some domestic dogs being friendly to every face they see. They wag their tail to anybody they come in contact with.They maintain that single character of friendliness but some are not just normal, maybe reason been the type of breed that exist, regulates the height of their unfriendliness. So I'll be blaming their behavior on their breed and hereditary factor.

At this point If you want to watch the video that prompted this writing — the aggressive fight video that raised the bar of thoughts and disturbing concerns. You can watch it here on Instagram. Just one click and it's yours for viewing.

Video link: DOG FIGHT

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