The brutal end of her life


As the saying goes thus: "sometimes a man gotta do what he's gotta do" - agreed.

I was busy running here and there today when the addiction of being around my phone started beckoning unto me to take a peek into the virtual world that has being existing since I joined the crypto space.

Well, I couldn't help it since repelling the urge always ends in futility. It's only those who understands digital currency especially those who hold personal contacts in discord, whatsapp, telegram etc that can relate to this addiction I speak of.

After unlocking my phone with my fingerprint, I was dazed at the first sight of what I came across. Normally, I have seen different doom that happen in different situations but this one kept me at the edge of my seat like how I was when I was watching game of thrones during the battle of the Night king in the North.

I have never seen anything like this before... yes, I haven't, maybe due to my age. To break the shell of what I saw. It was a short drama; a one minute movie.

Maybe another time

The storyline was about a lady who was abducted or maybe held in captive either for spying or for snitching. It's hard to tell. She found herself with four guys who journeyed far into the wild. But there was one who probably was the closest and kindest to her. They were outside a military car and had an affectionate chat.

I think the lady was mesmerized by the simplicity and kindhearted-ness of the guy. In that short moment she asked for the guys brother, sister, his family, what he does, where he lives etc and wanted to engulf a relationship between them.

It was brief, she even asked for an erotica kiss. I think the guy fell for her and was in a trance to kiss her but that was when he was brought back to his senses by his fellow subordinates who spoke in french.

He felt like he was in paradise but like they say; "once a militant, always a militant" - he instantaneously put off his humane character and clothed himself back with the "follow the last order" robe.

He took few steps back and wished the brief discussion he just had with this lady condemned to death was in the civilian world he would have submitted into it. Sadly, after having these thoughts of love that can't happen, he shot her in the back of her head and the drama came to an end.

At this point, if you would love to see the drama. Below is a link to the video. It's just a minute scene with an unexpected end.

* click the image & video for source

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