The acidic venom of generosity

# The venom

There are times when your generosity will backfire unknowingly right into your face in an acidic way, it will just bounce back in ways you never imagined. Actually you will be on the right path, follow all existing principles of generosity, shoulder the burden, follow the will of your conscience, abide with any law governing your community's helping guide, tap into the unblemished wisdom of doing good but yet, just yet... When you think your generosity is gentle as a dove, meek like a sheep, guides like a shepherd, edible like fruits, white as snow... Just when you think... Just when you think your generosity is right on track... that's when everything you are doing, you have done will just give a huge boomerang blow with the techniques of an uppercut into your face. The blow won't just be a quick punch. It will make sure it even sinks on that face for a long period of time.

You may be wondering why I started this post with the above expression on the first paragraph. Well, the truth is that some people are never lucky anytime they do generous things. I find myself constantly on this table and it gives me concern. I have experienced the slippery side of being generous. The fall is always loud and painful in the butt. Sometimes, after one gets up, the pain that ensue causes terrible regrets. That's when some people wished they toggled ON their "I-don't-care, selfish, tone-deaf" button that would have saved them a great deal of disappointment. Also, It's in that moment people turn a new(dead) leaf on their generosity attitude. What they do is to use the bad experience to dispose the deposit of generosity from their heart and fill the void with the dead leaf of meanness.

The advantage is bigger

In the long run, I know what's good will always be superior than what's bad. There have never being a record of light shining into a place of darkness and only for the darkness to dominant the place. Instead what happens is the obvious. Light surely comprehends the darkness. The same goes for generosity; no matter the harsh experience that might have befallen anyone, karma will always find a way to repay the kindness or to tear down those regrets that occurred and replace it with something better. The good side of being generous goes a long way -- it stretches even to the spiritual, financial, psychological, social, posterity axis. Literally, maybe that's why the register of generosity will always have new name written in it due to the in-advance influence it will impact or reap into one's life.

A good perception


The only personal perception that narrows the future effects of generosity is this one;

> "People should understand this. When you help people, they rise and others around them rise likewise.
It's like this:
"You have rain water. If you wet the soil. Seeds will grow. And after harvest. People will eat"

This is the only opinion on generosity that heals the backfired effects of kindness. Hence, the opinion holds weight as generosity emanates an extending positive chain effect. It moves from one person to another which makes the world a better place. But it is such a pity that a large scale of people have bad experience that has unknowingly stained their robe of kindness. The experience is so bad that it completely turns OFF their humanity button. The experience sheds OFF forever that skin of kindness from their body.

My sad experience

My experience relates to sharing information especially life changing information of centralized and decentralized platforms. This is what has paved way for me in making new friends, gaining people's trust and unprecedented benefits. So there is this group I joined right from the onset it was created, they have rules and regulations guiding the group. I am not that kind of person that sees useful and life changing information and keeps it to myself. No. I don't do that, rather I test it out, experience the benefit for validity and immediately disperse it, so that others can benefit from it like I did.

So today, just because I've spammed the group earlier with few helpful memes and links to mock a hardfork that pissed majority of the members of that group; memes and links that appeased the displeasure of concerned members which in turn got the whole group active again. Moments later, I was rudely cautioned by two admins after I dropped a scam alert link and a legit giveaway link of 2766 USD and a car of a centralized platform. I was enraged by the undertone of the warning messages given I was a veteran who clearly abides and understood the rules( it was only broken during the hardcore discussion of a hardfork which was cool with everybody). The undertone of the warning got me pissed because I was generous with an info that could save people from scam and maybe change someone's life if they win that giveaway. It got me angry. I was accused thoughtlessly and had to justify my actions as I didn't drop A voteable link and secondly I didn't need the admin consent to drop informative link that was meant to save someone from scam and change someone's life". That was how I made up my mind to stray away from the generosity of sharing vital and life changing information. It is better to conceal it than to share it.

In conclusion, it is worthy to note that instead of shedding off the entire skin of kindness, I have decided to only shut down this part of me that's generous with sharing vital information so as to preserve my self respect. It is also sad to admit that the venom of generosity got me. XD.

Thanks for reading.
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