Sucked into the hole of my academics

Since my resumption back to school for the last stretch of my third year in my four year university programme; this course titled "Introduction to Company Law" amongst the compilated list of necessary courses for me to undertake has inevitably swallowed me into it's hole of constant reading. Yea, mere staring at the copious course outline — it kept screaming loud into my ears that it will need more of my time and attention for me to get the best grade out of it.

I am that type of student that loves to listen to my inner voice, especially on suggestions that advice preparedness against unlikely academic storms. Even my friend Nainaztengra has once advised me to pay more attention to my books in the past, I am doing just that. But it's kind of hard to disconnect totally from this space; from steem, from tribes and the communities I engage with a lot in discord. My activity online has infused in me this addiction I didn't take cognizance of not until my conscious effort to sway my focus made it glaring.

reading on my pc

Anyways Introduction to Company Law seems to be a very interesting course. I love the topics of the course outline in all it's entirety. Though it's a borrowed course from the Faculty Of Law, the four lecturers in charge has made sure all classes attended so far lack drops of boredom. They have done this with their top class lecturing skills and experience. Even I myself is impressed with their efforts to dissolve any form of complexity or challenge any student undertaking the course may face because it's a course for Non-law students. In the previous classes, they've made sure to stimulate the serious ones gunning for first degree to triple their study habit for this semester and even inspired the less serious ones to sit up. With hardwork and grace I hope to scale through with the best grade in this course.

In few months time, I hope I get out of this hole in success, no carry overs. Do wish me well. XD.

Ps: If you have ever wondered where the hell is udezee, why isn't he regular with his blogging, if he's ill, if something unfortunate happened and so on — I want to assure you all that this sixth semester in school has been the ring fetter that has handcuffed my availability. * cover image

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