O Blockchain, Sweet Blockchain

Hey there,

O blockchain, O blockchain....... a mystical place to be in this 21st century, a place so unique and magical. I bless the day we crossed path, I don't know why amongst the hundreds and thousands of people that use the internet and roam round the earth, I don't know why I was lucky to have been chosen to graciously fly into your space where bountiful treasures lay.

Everyday comes with it's own amazement; mind blowing things we can't hide — they unfold in testimonies that's puzzling!!! Like that moment time equals to money, like that moment writing equals to money, like that moment petty task equals to money and like that moment investment equals to bigger money. Digital money regulated by no government. Just me alone, a boss of my financial vault.

Magically, O blockchain, you are a portal to all personal, national and international friends, friendship from across continents, easy like ABC, all thanks to the maximum utilisation of chatting and engagement.

I am grateful to every friendship I unlocked; my old and new folks, you guys rocks — this is how amazing you all are; you tilt my feet to be firm in wavering times, you guys mould me to the person I am today online (always improving) — O blockchain, Dear blockchain, thanks a zillion times for the tangible and intangible gaps you fill and the digital bridge you create paving way for easy global connections.

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